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Serenity Garlic Roasted Mashed Potatoes with Bud Butter

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Here's another in my series on winter comfort foods. Actually, it's great anytime of year. You can substitute many of the ingredients to taste. There have never been any leftovers of this mashed potato dish.

Three to four large Russet potatoes washed, peeled, and cubed
Four large heads of fresh garlic
Three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
One tablespoon of basil
One tablespoon of cracked black pepper
One tablespoon of salt (to taste)
1\4 pint heavy cream (sour cream can be substituted)
4-6 ounces Ricotta cheese (cheddar cheese can be substituted or even goat cheese if you are adventurous)
Four tablespoons sweet butter
Four tablespoons bud butter

Roasted Garlic- Cut the top 1\2 inch off the garlic heads (I save these to make garlic oil). Add olive oil to the cut heads and sprinkle with basil. Roast in a 420 oven for 30-50 minutes (watch to make sure they don't burn). The garlic is done when tender to a fork.

Potatoes- Boil the cubes potatoes in salted water until fork tender, then drain and mash lightly.

The mix- Add butters to potatoes and continue to mash. Add pepper, salt, cream, and cheese and mash until smooth. Squeeze the garlic into the mix and whip until smooth.

Extra's!!!!- Cook 1\2 pound of sliced bacon and crumble into potatoes

Alternate method for stuffing!!!- When you prepare the potatoes, wash but don't peel. Bake the potatoes instead of boiling at the same time you roast the garlic. Slice the cooked potatoes in half and scoop out the middles into a mixing bowl. Mix and mash the scooped potatoes with the other ingredients. Place the mixture back into the potato halves and top with crumpled cheese and bacon. Place the stuffed potatoes under the broiler and brown the tops. Yum!

Suggested beverage: Pinot Noir, Charles Krug 1995 (Carneros)

This recipe is tried tested and guaranteed to be fat free, cholesterol free, and low calorie. NOT!


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sounds like the perfect compliment to a nice fat steak, cant wait to try it
+reps for making me hungry
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