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Setting up my new grow room!!!

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Hello to all... Ok guys I am almost done setting up my new grow room. I have been working on for over a month now non stop. The first 5x10 tent is my veg. It will have a four dwc 5gal bucket system with a reservoir and a cloning table with the mother in soil next to them. My other 5x10 will be my flower room. As you can see I am going to run two 17gal pots. It has a 600gph pump by the reservoir to keep all water flowing. The flower side has four 2x4 air stones in each pot and reservoir. I just got done setting up my clean water reservoir that has a line feeding to it from my five stage R.O system. It has a float valve keeping it full at all times hands free. I hooked up hose's From each 17gal pot's and the reservoir to a 1 inch pvc line that runs over to the sink and is hooked up to a fish tank water vacuum. Turn on water on sink and it drains whole system out. I hope this will make doing flush easy. All I have to do now is find out witch lights to buy and run. I got my eye's on two systems. One is the Black Dog LED set up and the other is Hortilux bulbs in a Magnum XXXL Generation 3 Air Cooled Reflector running on a Solis tek ballast. I will post step by set as I finish build and I will post my grow from start to finish. If you are checking this out please keep a eye on my DWC build and grow. I would love to have your input.


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Sounds good so far bud. Let us see some pics once you get 'er all goin.

Just some advice, those air pumps get pretty hot, and the last thing you want to do is pump hot air through your water and netpot. For me it just took a small fan blowing on the pump to cool it enough. Just feel that 3/8 tubing and if it feels warm do something about it. I learned the hard way when all my girls got some kinda fungus growing on the stem at the root crown. Didnt know until they all fell over. Showed signs of deficiencies before that. Must've been getting strangled by the fungus for some time before realizing the problem. Also cooled my water by a few degrees once i got a fan on there! :thumb:

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Thank you for the info. I am having problems finding out how to load my pic. I have all of them on this site but trying to find out how to post them all on my posts. I will try on this reply. If they dont work I will send you the link on here where they are.
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