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Severe CRPS - Need help with strains


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Now there is some CBD insight for ya Blue! I am gun shy to suppositories. Good luck there! Thanks though Pixie! I learned something from that, and that is why I am here!


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I have degenerative disc disease in my lumbar region, spinal arthritis, a cervical fusion for spinal stenosis, and neuropathic pain in my leg from the disc disease.

I also don’t like the feeling of being high. In fact, I’ll pass out from getting up too fast if I do get high.

I have been using cannabis for the past year, mostly random Mexican brick week I buy from a friend. I make infused oil and make edibles out of them. For me it’s a better way of regulating how much I’m ingesting.

I mostly eat my edible at night, and it helps with sleep. That tends to make things better during the day if I’ve had good uninterrupted sleep.

I’m new to growing, but will probably add some high CBD strains once I get the process down.

I’ve found that having THC in the mix helps me more with pain than a CBD only product.

I’m subbed up, I’m interested in what recommendations people bring to the conversation.


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I have been taking it any way I can get it. Everything but smoking of course, I have asthma, and other lung issues, been really sick this year, pneumonia back in Nov, a couple bad colds, then the flu, it sucked. Still recovering actually.

I have made my own oil and butter, I use a vaporizer for dried cannabis of various strains available by my legal provider, and local dispensaries, but mostly I use concentrated Rick Simpson type oils in small doses, as I get super anxious and even have had panic attacks from too much THC. Everyone tells me to take CBD to counter the effects of the THC, but that has never worked for me, I just have to let the THC wear off.

I vape every night before bed, but it certainly does not help me sleep, no matter what strain I vape. It just doesn't make me sleepy, even with indicas.
I have heard about suppositories, but never went down that road, lol.

I read some time ago that Tommy Chong blamed cannabis suppositories for his rectal cancer occurring, so I wondered about that method. I've never heard of cannabis ever causing cance, only curing or helping it, sio to hear Tommy Chong say that kinda blew me away.


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Hi Bluenoser - I went looking for the Tommy Chong quote but couldn't find it. He seems to be still alive and still advocating the use of cannabis; plus he got the rectal cancer first, by the look of things, before he started the suppositories; it returned, but it couldn't have been caused by the suppositories in the first place.

I found lots of "Tommy Chong dead" hoax stories, so wonder if this was one, too? Or did he say it himself on a video somewhere? Would be interested to know.


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I actually watched a youtube video of it like a year ago, now I'm questioning if I'm losing my mind, lol. I can't find it either. Youtube is so full of crap, it's hard to believe anything on there these days anyhow.
Regardless, I'm sure there is much evidence that suppositories are helping people out there with their cancer issues :)


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I just stumbled into this old conversation and wanted to interject that Cajun once told me that Tommy Chong used suppositories to successfully treat his cancer. I think I'll believe that he knew what he was talking about.
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