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Severe lower back pain


I‘m curious if it took any time before you began to notice the effects of the eating of raw bud for pain relief, and if so, how long? I ask because I’m taking a coursevon Cannabis Fundamentals at the moment and she’d mentioned that acid cannabinoids can take 3-4 weeks of daily use before you begin to feel significant results.
I got relief fairly quickly, Ive told people that have smoked forever to try it, it worked for them also! It seems to take an hour or so.


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I wouldn't be surprised if the quick relief was, in part, due to a placebo effect. As I said earlier, I used it five times a day at first. Somewhere I read that it needed to build up in my body before it started working.
I wouldn’t doubt this either. Studying cellular biology has convinced me that we do all the healing based on our belief that it can and will happen.
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