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Severe Post-traumatic Pain by Scott Logan

Julie Gardener

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Severe Post-traumatic Pain by Scott Logan​

My wife was injured on the job in 2001 and required neural surgery to her neck and lower back. She is prescribed everything from Neurontin to methadone to Vicodin to Soma to Tylenol #4 w/codeine to Ambien! But simple smoked marijuana alleviates her pain, or perhaps more accurately, diverts her attention from it. This allows her a better frame of mind, less stress and a better overall outlook.

With marijuana she is able to function and interact, whereas the prescribed narcotics put her in bed and keep her there. They make her nauseous and thoroughly dopey. , When bedtime comes, marijuana allows her to sleep. It seems to allow her to do what she wants to do without the side effects of the prescription drugs. If she wants to be awake, participating and pain-free she can be. Marijuana gives her freedom to do these things. I cannot imagine what her life (and ours) would be like without it. That it is illegal for her is the true crime.

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