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Sexing plants


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Alright, a few months ago a friend and I put some seeds in some soil(dirt)
outside. So remember, these are just bag seeds and we dont really expect much. We're just having a little fun and seeing if we can get lucky.

Here are some pictures of it during the first few weeks.


I think it startetd the flowering stage a bit early because it is still very small,
but with the outside conditions it has been getting about 11/13. Not worried about how much it yields, hopefully something :439:

Here are some pics I took yesterday(3/3/07) morning.

You think anything could come of this?

Plant 1(Maybe male?)


Plant 2

I think this is a picture of both of them,


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tis true, but being outside, they should in theory be solid nugs. but as stoner said no veg time= no girth or size. like i said, there outside so they should do alright, the only thing i see is the male and possible hermie, i had 3 outside plants that looked exactly like this and all 3 turned hermie :d hope u get to smoke something off this.


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No veg time and no time to mature.

Ya' Gots to let them mature before flowering.

I know, but at the moment I can't grow indoors so it's not like I can change how long the sun comes out for. I was barely even watering it before but the location is near drainage so water flows around the spot I picked and it getting to the roots. I'm gonna start misting it and watering it a lot more often now since it is actually showing signs of flowering.

Since the plants are right next to eachother should I just get rid of the male?


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Hi there!
I,m starting up again (indoors) with a new crop, and know a little bit about what is happening to your plants; Hermies, absolutely 100 percent positive.
This is not so bad att all, becouse the seeds that occures are really special...
What it is?:37: Hm, make a guess, put them in soil when that time comes - and wait for the ladies.....:adore: And, if the weed are from some good motherplants,then U do got something worth smoking.. :smoke2:
Trust me. I've done it myself. So let the two-sexed plants stay and let them live for as long as it takes...
Theres no point to cut away the male anymoore,they will all be pollinized by themselves either way.:hmmmm: If U don't cut of all the flowers,putting them back to vegetative stage fore some time to mature, and then do a new syclus with them,there's nothing to do about pollinizing proscesses

Unfortulately, I'm living in Oslo-Norway, and there's nothing to do about the light syclus through the year. I would be happy if I could have the opportunity to an outdoor field here.
Someone that have a link or some info about plants that can handle the Norwegian clima? (the Icebears do not walk our streets)
Take contact with me, then.
I gladely give away some shares then...:peace: (I,ve heard about some Cannabis that make it out in Denmark, but where and where to get seeds or cuttings?)


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I'm not sure if they're hermies, the last pic makes it look like they are but it's kind of different looking at them in person. I already took the male plant(plant 1) out and it rained last night, so it is looking healthier. No trichs yet...


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From a first glance, they all look hermie bud. Also the POLLEN from the hermie is the good stuff, you DONT want it's seeds. The seeds will carry the hermie gene and you dont want that. Instead you want to use the pollen to pollinate other pure female plants, and the seeds from that plant will be female.


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No trichs, at all?
Maybe just wastin' your time.
I think they were too young to flower and may not produce any.

I've never had anything in this situation
but Maturity before flower is a key to Good weed.
A friend in Mexico was trying to grow seedlings during the winter, outdoors and they never got older than a week or two before they died trying to flower.


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Yea, I wasn't really expecting to get anything when I started this but we'll see what happens. I don't really care too much, I'm starting an experimental indoor one soon.


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About the flowering problem:
the last time I had some plants goin'. I had them under a syclus with 24hours of sun(lamps). I let them develop for not more than two weeks.from seed only. and then straight into my chamber were they got 12/12 syclus. It was an experiment, and it succeeded very good. The type was called "white Russian", and still there is a mother living in my neighboors living room. I have been in and took some cuttings. I shall put them directly into flowering-they'll turn out just great.I think


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Putting clones straight into 12/12 with no veg time will give you similar results to what we're seeing in the outdoor plants in this thread...

Bud-sticks, with no lateral branching, and poor yield.

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