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SexyKushMomma's Indoor/Outdoor Veneno Kush and Exodus Cheese Grow- 2011


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Hello 420 Mag! This is my very first grow and I am extremely excited to share my experience with all of you :smokin: Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

We currently have two girls that are 37 days old: Veneno Kush and Exodus Cheese.

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? 100% Indica

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Vegetative Stage

If in Veg... For how long? 30 days

Indoor or outdoor? We currently have them INDOORS until it becomes warmer, and then we plan to move them outside.

Soil or Hydro? Soil

If soil... what is in your mix? Fox Farms Ocean Forest, Perlite, Dolomite Lime

If soil... What size pot? Just transplanted into 5 gal buckets.

Size of light? 4 Foot 4 Bulb T5, 2 6500k , 2 3500k

Is it aircooled? 2 oscillating fans

Temp of Room/cab? 75-80 F

RH of Room/cab? 45-50%

PH of media or res? 6.7-7.1

Any Pests? YES! After we transplanted last week we noticed thrips!

How often are you watering? Every 3-4 days

Type and strength of ferts used? We will be using all Advanced Nutrients Line Products. We have been using Voodoo Juice, B-52, and Iguana Juice Grow; and later will be using Bud Candy, Connoisseur A&B Ph Perfect, Nirvana, Overdrive, and Final Phase. Any thoughts?

Day 37- We have been fighting these thrips for the last 5 days. We first used an organic pesticide that killed on contact. We waited 2 days, but they were still reproducing so we decided to try another method. We also have sprayed the entire plant with a solution of 1 quart water, 2 tsps neem oil, and 1/3 tsp dish soap. The neem oil prevents the thrips from reproducing, feeding and molting, ending their life cycle. We have applied two applications so far and they are doing much better today... however, I don't think our fight is yet over. If anyone could offer any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated!! :)

The next three pictures is Veneno Kush- We have successfully FIMed the top of this girl, and from this we got about 5+ tops.



As you can see, the thrips have destroyed a few of the lower fan leaves. We were thinking about cutting them off due to the fact that thrips leave behind feces which can mold... Anyone else have thrip problems?

Exodus Cheese- We did not use the FIM technique on her, so she is a few inches taller than Veneno.


The thrips have unfortunately damaged her as well.

I plan on updating frequently and would appreciate any help along the way! ;)


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Never heard of the insect soap, but the neem oil and soap solution seems to be doing the job. These little guys are hard to kill off! We cut off most the damaged leaves due to the fact that they could mold and possibly lead to future problems.


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Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting sooner... I had finals this last week! Now that those are thankfully over, here is a little update :yummy:

First off, we went and bought the insect soap and used it together with the neem oil treatment. It was controlling the thrips, but didn't seem to kill them. A local hydro store had a product called Azamax ($70/16oz bottle) that the store owner swears by. Today is the first day we are using it, so we will keep you updated to determine whether it was worth the buck.

These plants have really shot up in the last week and are becoming too big for our grow closet! Initially, we planned on moving them OUTDOORS a week ago, however, due to the unusually cold weather, our plans are delayed. Since we are new to this, any information about what to expect after transplanting outdoors or additional things to think about would be extremely helpful!

Now for the best part.... PICTURES! :bong:

Veneno Kush- our short bushy girl


Picture of top thrip damage

Exodus Cheese- our tall sexy girl

Shots of both of them together


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They're looking good. I'm a sucker for the christmas tree shape of the Exodus :yummy:. Sorry to hear about the thrips being such a pain, and the expensive Azamax. I forgot to mention another insecticide I use. It's called Orange Guard for ornamental plants. It uses orange oil and works like a charm on all insects I have sprayed it on. It also leaves the house smelling like oranges.


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They're looking good. I'm a sucker for the christmas tree shape of the Exodus

Thanks Kannabis! Exodus is my favorite :yummy:

The Azamax seems to be working great, but if we continue to have problems we will definitely try the Orange Guard next.

Tomorrow morning we are officially moving them outdoors... wish us luck!


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They are looking great momma!!:thumb::thumb: I will follow:popcorn: That small girl is so bushy its ridiculous!!! Looks like in one of the pictures you were showing of the leaves you have a bit of a Cal/Mag deficiency. I am sorry to hear about the thrips:11::11: Neem oil works great, dish soap and water also helps, azamax absolutely the best but expensive as someone said before. I hope you get it resolved but they look great still keep it up.:goodjob::goodjob:


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Thanks Anomoly!! ;) I will definitely look into the Cal/Mag problem... What do you suggest?
The short bushy Veneno was FIMed at the 4th node; we have been low profile training so no one will find her when moved outdoors.


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Awesome I am doing some out door right now too, tiss the season lol :tokin::tokin::tokin: I would recommend this botanicare its my preferred CAL/MAG supplement. You use 5ML per gal of water. I use it because I water my plants with RO water so there are no minerals in it and I have to supplement them in:thumb::thumb:



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Alright. Mother nature changed our plans again so our girls are still indoors... and flowering! We changed the lights from 18/6 to 12/12 two nights ago, and began giving them quarter strength flowering AN line nutes:
Connoisseur A&B Ph Perfect
Voodoo Juice
Bud Candy

We also took the advice from Anomoly and purchased some Cal/Mg+ from our local hydro store. Veneno was watered two days ago and today is MUCH greener!
:MoreNutes: Thanks Anomoly!

If the weather holds out on us, our girls will be happily outdoors by the end of the week! I will keep you all updated and post new pictures before we move them.

Also, we will be beginning our second summer grow indoors soon, so look forward to some auto-flowering afghan kush!! :rasta:


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hey there momma im likeing these genetics you have. very good looking plants. my question for you is how did you know you got thrips? have you seen them on the plant or did someone tell you? only reason im asking is it doesnt look like bug damage. check out this grow diagnosis. it shows all kinds of different problems and how they look. and i gotta say that little bush you topped and lst'd looks like it'll be a good producer :) good luck and i look forward to seeing your nugg.
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Thanks Kingredeye! ;)

Our plants developed a cal/mag deficiency at around the same time they became infected with thrips. The thrips were much easier to diagnosis because they were visible as small yellowish/white dots, usually on the undersides of leaves. A microscope allowed us to magnify the little bastards, study them, and identify them correctly. Females deposited eggs in the leaves and soil, these eggs hatched within a couple days into very mobile larvae and would immediately start munchin' on leaves!

After treating thrips with Azamax, as well as treating the cal/mag deficiency, the girls are looking MUCH better today!! :party:
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good to hear :) i really wanna see how good all your advanced nutrients line comes out. sounds like a hearty plant meal. how long did you veg in total for?


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how long did you veg in total for?

Well, we got excited and started them a bit early, but they vegged for about 6 1/2 weeks under T5 HO's.
The plants seem to love the new flowering nutes! We did a lot of reading on here before attempting a grow. Among all of the stuff I learned is that you get what you pay for! And that means just forking over the money for good soil and top of the line nutes. :3:

There was finally a break in the monsoon-like weather we have been having lately, so my boyfriend and I went out to our secret grow site and dug our girls new lovely homes. :) It will still be some time, however, before it is warm enough to move them outdoors. Hopefully within the next week!!

:peace: out 420 :439:


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well thats cool. im tryin to hit the 2 month veg mark but im gettin anxious! i did the same under some t5 ho tubes but then came to 600 hps to veg and flower. it must be nice to get them under allnatural sun :) i'll be tuning in to your guys grow


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Good to have ya on board Crower ;)
Today is day 5 of flowering, and we have some healthy, bushy monsters overtaking our grow closet!! :)
However, we are quickly realizing that these girls may be outgrowing our method of transportation... Flowering them indoors is always an option, but a risky one at that. (We live in an apartment...)
Can anyone give me an estimate on how much larger these plants may get?? That would be extremely helpful. We will not be able to put our girls outside for AT LEAST another 10 days. It is abnormally cold for this time of year, and I don't want my beauties to die and wither overnight!
Also, I have another question. Is it possible for a flowering plant to revert back to vegging if suddenly subjected to more than 12 hours of light per day? I am asking because we live in an area where we get about 15 hours of light during the month of June. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Here are a few updates of my girls :):):)

Exodus Cheese

As you can see, she is almost as tall as my 4 foot skimboard! :surf:

Exodus Top

...Andddd our bushy Veneno :yummy:

And as you can see, she is MUCH lower profile than our Exodus :)

Happy Tokin' :roorrip:


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Looking good here. Your girls are growing up nicely.
Do you have a shot of them in the grow room with the lights? Would love to see your setup.
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