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SexyKushMomma's Indoor/Outdoor Veneno Kush and Exodus Cheese Grow- 2011


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Hey there SKM, I'm another chick on here! I go by RVgrower, because that's where I first had to start my grow when I tried to start a real, and COMPLETE grow for the first time in my life, lol! So yea, I totally know what it's like to be like the only chick doing regular posts, and guys call me dude once in a while, I don't care, I think it's kinda funny! lol! Anyways, I am also terribly sorry about you losing the first 2 beautiful ladies you all had going there, a terrible loss. I am FINALLY AND FOR the first time in my life, a legal MMJ patient, and I can grow 12 plants for my own consumption at any one time, INDOORS ONLY, UNDER LOCK & KEY, so I have a current grow indoors of 11 plants... I take that back....2 are too young to tell yet, and 3 are confirmed BOYS, BOOOOO! So I really only have 5 CONFIRMED girls from the 10 bag seeds, and 1 feminized girl 1 is a #5 N.Lights x #1 Skunk, that is still in veg, even after 8 weeks, because she got buried too deep when I let her germinate in soil, and she got stuck down too deep & I almost lost her, had to dig her up on the 5th day, wait for her to pop the next day or so, but then her husk was stuck on, so I had to help free her from that, and when I did, I ripped off 1 of her Cotyledons and she almost died on me! In fact, is a true miracle that she's even still alive, let alone becoming a MONSTER!:MoreNutes: So I am "eyeballing it" or whatever you call it about when to put her into the flowering closet...I have to wait a bit, just FIM'ed her too, like all my other retarded looking, V-shaped twin-top babies that I have FIM'd, I never knew what the FIM meant, now it makes total sense...cuz I got off on the counting, and I really DID FIM them! LOL!....It's like an orphanage for pug puppies...they are so ugly and sad, but so cute in their utter sadness and ugliness...NOW! Out of the 10 original bag seed plants, the first 5 confirmed girls are in day 12 of flower, and I still have 2 plants that are too young to tell yet...guess I flipped them too early. But no going back, and I already pulled the 3 boys we ended up with about 5 days ago when I first saw their little "footballs"...
your grow tent is sweet, I wish I would have vend for that, but I had to go super-ghetto and just staple up sheet plastic to the interior walls of the closet i am growing in, and I have an exhaust fan and FINALLY got the duct work only 2 weeks late! I'm also on AN products, well, it's just easier if you check my current grow, and look for the little green link on the bottom of my signature...It is the link to my first, and very detailed, attempt at Afghan Kush Ryders...A MASSIVE FAILURE for me! PLEASE READ THAT JUST SO YOU KNOW WHAT NOT TO DO!!! I LOST A LOT OF $ LOSING THE 3 MMJ SEEDS I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO GET GROWING...PLEASE LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!

But I do have 2 more AKR seeds left to try, and that was going to be my "XMAS BUD", growing it out real fast at 20/4 a day for 6-7 weeks straight thru! You know what I am saying!
Anyways, i'm so glad to see another chick on here....we need more female energy.....but I have to say, every guy on here has been totally cool with me whether they knew I was a chick or not... My computer's on this site about 12-18 hrs a day...reading on other's journals is just HALF the learning curve here I think!
Anyways, I wish you the best on the new babies! I am subbed for this one! :popcorn:

GO BABIES! GO BABIES! GO! :cheer::cheer::cheer:

I HOPE YOU GET TO LOOK AT MY GROWS WHEN YOU HAVE SOME TIME....I am growing on the SUPER CHEAP! I'm disabled and on disability, so I can't even do all I need to with out the help of my wife, thank goodness for her! She's my angel. And she doesn't even toke! Now THAT's LOVE! :kiss:
Also, I have been gardening since I was about 2 or so w/ my grandma, and even worked for 30 yrs in pest control & termite work, plus I did landscaping work as well, so I am no stranger to growing things at all. Just new to all the new-fangled equipment, indoor lights, fans, exhausts, Rh, temp control etc...

Anyways, NICE TO MEET YOU, CHICA! :hippy:

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damn skm. i am so sorry to hear about those 2 monsters. thats tragic :( those woulda been so bomby buds. at least your optimistic and you learned from them. i think you will have a better time indoor. just make sure you got a fan venting out the grow room to keep your humidity down and an oscillating fan lightly blowin the leaves a little after they pop. and led seems kinda iffy,,, a little scary even lol have you looked at some of the cfl grow bulbs? a 200 watt cfl is like 600 incandescents lights. or if your really worried about power veg with your light that you are and flower with like a 400 watt hps. you got options :)

Grow Bulbs : Grow Light Supply just an idea so you know what to look for at your grow/ hydro store. good luck kush momma


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Damn...wheres skm??? should we send out the search parties??? I can't wait to see how the tent is doing...


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Just caught up with ur grow and reading start to finish that devateing news wen u have put the work in. it always hurts to lose babies regardless of circs surrounding it.....

On positive note may i give u some pointers.

Firstly ivest in r/o filter they evil!!!!! secondly for smell use ona gel. filters are ok but ona gel completely neutralises odours and no ozone filter needed. its actually a very similar thing but i think works better.

other thing.. try to avoid autoflowerers.... i know u say u are learning but they produce way less bang for buck, they reall are for total novice. however if that make u happy .. cool.. check out 420fied 112 pot hempy grow and that will give u great example of how to use a small grow space extremely effectively.

once again sorry for ur loss,,,, but persevere its all for greater good............

A PROUD GEORDIE (thats someone from northeast england by the way!!!!) lol


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Hey everyone! This won't be a long post, but I am still here and well! Took me awhile to get over the death of my other girls. My summer semester classes started, so I have mounds of calculus homework... I will be starting a new grow journal this weekend after I take my exam Friday morning, so I encourage you all to check that out within a few days. ;)


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Just read up - really sorry for your loss, such a bummer! Hope to catch your next journal - I'm growing a Big Bang auto right now (link to my journal is in my signature). I usually don't grow in the summer, but thought I'd grow out this freebie auto seed. :)

Great new tent and gear - :goodluck:


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Hello Everyone! So I finally found the time to create my new grow journal and upload all my new pics... but the site is supposedly undergoing maintenance and it won't let me submit it! I hope to get it up by the end of the night... if you guys have time, you should definitely check it out! :)


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Here is a sample of our new grow ;)



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