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SexyKushMomma's Indoor/Outdoor Veneno Kush and Exodus Cheese Grow- 2011


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Great start! How old are these? Will you flower these indoor or out?


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just caught up on tour grow sexy
things are looking good like the new tent.


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Hey guys-
I've been having some technical difficulties submitting my new journal. I appreciate the continued support and encouragement.

Sounds good SKM - I'll sub for sure once you get it going. Looks good so far! :high-five:

Thanks Xlr8! I hope to have the journal up real soon!! :)

I just caught up with the journal. I here for this one. Keep them green.

Glad to have you Comorade! Appreciate it!

Hopefully this one goes better! ;)


This one is already going better :yahoo: I have bud growing all over my girls!

Great start! How old are these? Will you flower these indoor or out?

Hi Twelve12! My girls will be flowered indoors, and they were 36 days from seed when I took the pictures. It's been 3 days, and they've already grown so much! Plus we have since bought an LED; the girls are lovin' it. :yummy:

just caught up on tour grow sexy
things are looking good like the new tent.

Thanks shag ;) the 4X4 tent was a good investment.


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damn its lookin really good in there skm!! im still flowering away just waitin now. im interested in seeing what you can do with these bad girls :) what all strains are in the tent?


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Hey there skm ! wondering on your progress with the new ladies. pics up, haters down :) hope everything in the green world is good.


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Thanks Kannabis! Exodus is my favorite :yummy:

The Azamax seems to be working great, but if we continue to have problems we will definitely try the Orange Guard next.

Tomorrow morning we are officially moving them outdoors... wish us luck!

I ended up having thrips very bad on one of my plants and used a thick 20/1 ratio of water and neem oil and it killed them all first round, but it did let a bunch of the leaves burn from the light hitting where the neem oil had stayed on the leaves. I sprayed it all off a few days later and it took about a week before the plant looked great again....It was just because I was cheap though...Gotta do what you gotta do right!!;)


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that neem oil is exremely strong, i spayed on my last grow and i think its still workin considering i haven't sprayed on this grow, but im always findin a thrip here and there but their already dead, but ever since i sprayed i haven't had any problems with pest at all.. i would go 50/50 just to be safe, just aslong as you get some on there it should work fine, like i said its really strong and lasts a while.. plus they also say your not suppose to spray the plant and put it in direct light, they say its best to spray them before the lights go out..but yea you are rite it will burn your plant up...


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hey SKM...just cought up...alot of comp. problems...sorry to hear about the passing...I had similiar problems with this years outside venture....a total of 12 stolen...really..why not let me do all the work and take them at the end??? but as they find them they take them...and the wild life has gotten 7-8...kinda sux but I feel your pain...all is looking great with the indoor venture...was thinking about a tent also...I use a spare room, closet and a large cabnet to finish...think I am going to do a large grow in a month or so and re-veg for them to seek out door homes when weather turns in spring..positive note...what I have left is looking really good...hope it stays out of sight from mr. sticky fingers ....lol...good luck with yours young lady

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us!

Sorry for your loss!! :sorry:

I'm moving this to completed journals now.

Have you started a new grow you would like to share with us?

If so, please start one here:
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Hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!


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Wow...looking great SKM!!! I'm using the smart pots this time around too....I've heard they make a great difference in root mass.... can't wait to see how these ladies shine!!!


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Awesome I am doing some out door right now too, tiss the season lol :tokin::tokin::tokin: I would recommend this botanicare its my preferred CAL/MAG supplement. You use 5ML per gal of water. I use it because I water my plants with RO water so there are no minerals in it and I have to supplement them in:thumb::thumb:


I use CalMag with RO too with great results except my bottle is not horrifically dirty like that!! Damn bro clean up your room or...


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welcome back young lady...so what are your strains???and it looks like you are going to have your hands full for awhile...lol...a good problem though..just put in an order for some new ammo to add to the liberary and cross with...always looking for the next " latest and greatest " good luck and I am here for the ride
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