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Hello everyone, hope all is fantastic.

This will be my Perpetual grow journal.
We will be doing all sorts of strains as i have collected close to 75 different types from many high quality breeders.

The Lighting

Will be powered by Timber Grow Lights. We have a 24sams in 3000k for the 2x2x4 tent (single plant) and a Custom Prototype 4vs Fixture with Chibi Bloom booster. The 4vs is in 3000k and the Chibi Bloom booster is 1750k(it can be turned off and thr 4vs can run separately for veg) it runs off one power cord as well. It will be in the 3x3x6 tent. Thank you again @TimberGrowLights

The Nutrients

we will be using will be primarily Blue Planet Nutrients full line. Elite 3 part, Early Bloomer, Liquid Blue, Gold Shield (Sillca supplements),Vita Blue (B Vitamins),EasyWeed(Seaweed Supplements), CalMag Pro with Micronutrients, Root Magic mycorrhizae. We will also be using Terpinator all through life. Also will be using Doc Buds The Kit as well. (I cant wait to use the kit)
Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication. @Terpinator and @Doc Bud and BluePlant Nutrients

Grow Bags

We will be using the Honor The Plant Pro series and Signature Series bags. I have three 3 gal pro series bags and one 5 gal with two 1 gal bags signature series. I was amazed at the quality when i opened them up. Cant wait to see them in action.


We will be using Alot of different breeders and continues to grow. But the main ones are Mephisto genetics, BCBudDepot, DNA genetics, ColoradoSeedCo, Dutch Passion, Life Flower, MoC. There are more but cant remember off top of my head. Haha

Here are the Lights from Timber Grow Lights

24sams in 3000k


And the Custom Prototype Fixture
(It is still wrapped up till i finished my current plant in the Big tent)


The 1st plant for the Garden of Freedom is Orange Biscuits by Mephisto genetics (Fem Autoflower)

She has already soaked in water for 18 hours and went into a towel and controled heating pad. She has poped her tap root and is now in her permanent home. I sprinkled a little of the Root Magic mycorrhizae in the hole. Water is 6.6 ph. The 24Sams power is pulling 26 watts for seedling, Lux is at 7,000 at the soil where sprouting will be at. I will increase power once its in full Veg. The temperature is 73-76 lights on. Humidity is at 52-58% i will put a dome on the seedling once its above soil.




Hope everyone likes the start of this Garden of Freedom, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

A special thank you to
@TimberGrowLights @Terpinator @Doc Bud and everyone here at 420magazine

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my journal. I hope you have a fantastic day and Happy 420!


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Illuminauto #35 - Orange Biscuits

Genetics: Forum Stomper x Orange Diesel

Seed Type: F1 Feminised Automatic

Mini Description:

Orange biscuits is the combination of another two of our 2018 artisanal line up. Our orange diesel sold out so quickly this should be a nice opportunity to give some orangey diesely goodness to those who missed out first time around. Expect LOUD complex terps from this cross, reeky gassy delight of orange diesel with citrus hints paired with the earthy exotic forum stomper. Orange diesel has lovely tight buds, and from the Forum stomper side of the parentage we can expect oodles of sticky frost. This strain could be one of the nicest surprises from this illuminautos drop.

Plants will be medium to large in size, expect a good growth rate and great secondary branching. A solid candidate for training.

Plant size - medium - large
Cycle time - 70-80 days from sprout
Indica/Sativa - 40/60
Frost level - Arctic style.


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For the big tent we will he doing a couple of things.

We will be doing two 3 gal plants and two 1 gal plants.

The seeds i will be using are

Forgotten Strawberries



Also two lucky dip autos ill tell later

Here is the info on both strains.

Illuminauto #32 - Forgotten Strawberries

Genetics: Strawberry Nuggets x Fugue State

Seed Type: F1 Feminised Automatic

Mini Description:

Forgotten Strawberries, just knowing the parents involved is set to be bangingly good. These two new artisanals as stand-alone strains are fantastic, and we think this will be a perfect match of indica/sativa, lemony spicey hazey terps combined with sweet succulent strawberry-dank berry should provide something super special and generate the stickiest of the icky. This should be another fine fine strain to smoke flowers or utilise in extractions for an amazingly high quality outcome.

Plants will be medium in size, a nice indica/sativa blend but with the potential for very respectable yields.

Plant size - medium
Cycle time - 70-80 days from sprout

Indica/Sativa - 50/50

Frost level - Iced out.


Illuminauto #38 - Bubbasquanch

Genetics: Samsquanch OG x Hubbabubbasmelloscope

Seed Type: F1 Feminised Automatic

Mini Description:

A handful of this cross was given out as freebies in 2017, and the response was that good that we had to recreate a few more for people to play with. This is a combination of two of our larger varieties and two strains that we hold close to our hearts in the MG HQ.

Combining the distinct flavour profiles of OG kush, it's earthy lemon dank goodness, and the sweetshop bubble-gummy magic that is truly old school makes something very special indeed. For the flavour connoisseurs this is definitely one to snag.

Expect large plants in a decent environment, should lend very well to training and manipulation to garner the best yields. Or let her run free and have a big lady on your hands.

Plant size - large
Cycle time - 75-85 days from sprout

Indica/Sativa - 50/50

Frost level - Epic


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Nothing to serious to report.

Small tent is now at 75.6 degrees and 70% Humidity
on a light schedule of 18/6
Power being pulled from the wall is 25.2 watts, Lux to the soil is 6000-7300lux. As the plant grows i will slightly increase power to 83 watts. 83 Watts of power puts about 45,000 to 60,000 in the main area where the tops will be if i did my math right. I got to say this light 24sams is badass!! Uses less power but puts out more light and WAY less heat. i dont even have a fan running right now to help with the temperatures.

Hope everyone has a great day


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Update Time

We have us a little seedling!
Just gave her a ring of water around her and ill leave her be for a day and check her out. She looks good to me so far.

Temperatures are between 75-77 with lights on(no fans running) and night time 72-73.

Humidity is between 65% and 73%

Light is still on low power, pulling 25 watts from the wall. Lux is at 6k to 7k at where the seedling is. As she goes into veg i will increase to correct power and light setting.

This is a great start to this never ending journal.

Hope everyone is doing fantastic and happy 420!




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Update time

So after a couple of days getting the Sams24 by Timber on correct power level. We are good to go at max height we are pushing 135 watts of power right now.

She did have some strech to her(slowly increasing power to the correct amount) but shes looking good and established.

I have a fan blowing on her slightly to get that stem stronger.

Temps are ranging between 79-81 lights on and 72 to 74 night time.

Humitdy is between 46-52 (a little low but im not worried)

Here she is




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Update time

So its been about a week, she is doing incredible. The growth is crazy how fast she is growing! Everything is in tip top shape.

Temperatures day time 78-80 degrees and night time 70-71 degrees.

Humidity is staying between 45 and 50 percent

We are doing a 20 hour lights on and 4 hours lights off.




Hope everyone is doing fantastic.

Also we will be doing the big tent and get that started in a week or 2!


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Mini update

She is growing incredibly fast and looking great! Everything is the same temperature and humidity. I did increase the power to the Timber Quatum board to 150 watts from 131 watts. She has already adapted to the small increase and is growing really nicely. She will need training here soon.



Hope everyone has a great day


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hey sarge looking awesome man! i'll follow your journey!

incredible how much growth you got in that first week o_O

Great to have you along! Pull up a chair and sit back relax and watch the grass grow buddy! Yeah this little lady is incredibly healthy and growing like a weed for sure!! :)

I'll jump in here too Sgt. I use the same clips for my LST ties, but I hook them through the top loops.
Howdy Nick! Welcome aboard glad to have you along for the show, grab a chair as well and enjoy buddy! I use to do that till one of my plants kept pulling it through haha this way they cant pull on it at all. Such strong little ladys. But i dont mind. I like them strong :)

Hope you both are doing fantastic!!
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