ShadyLady Is Very Sick

Jim Finnel

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This morning I received this p.m. ShadyLady has not been a member very long but she was very active on the boards and volunteered when asked to help with the news. In her sick condition she still thought of us and got this message through to us. I will miss her and look forward to her returning. Lets all send some positive vibes her way. If you pray then do that.

dear user,
Unfortunately shadylady was rushed into hospital with a serious virus on the 5th. she was placed onto life support machine where she has just begun her slow recovery and will be expected to be removed from the machine within the next couple of days...
her family have been by her bed side and will remAIN until her total recovery and discharge.

We will try to keep you informed as she progresses and wish her family all our love
Many thanks for taking the time to read and understand the situation, perhaps you could inform the others of the predicament.


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Get better soon, ShadyLady


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thanks for letting us know. shadylady is in my thoughts and i will prayer that she makes a speedy recovery


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Prayers for ShadyLady's speedy return to health and to the forums.


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hope shady gets better


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And I hope she gets better! :3: :peace:

Da Great 1

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God Bless, I will smoke a L for you later


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Get better soon, ShadyLady, Our UK Wench! (No offence ;p)


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Ill keep ShadyLady in my thoughts. Get well soon!!!!


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I hope she gets better...;_;

My next toke will be for her.

<3 Bunny

Da Great 1

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Well I smoked half a L for her so i hope she feels better and return soon


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Best wishes for a speedy recovery.:peace:
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