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Shaggie's Return No Mercy CFL


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Well im back been a little while but i figured i should update from my last grow 2 years ago!
i have been working for a wonderful little club in the denver area in their ware house. on aveage we have over 500 plants and 7 strains.
4 that are stable and 3 that rotate. the strains we always have are Bubba kush,
OG1 (known as True OG in CALI and yes this is THE REAL one) OG2 which is known now as tahoe cut) and PK (pure Kush) the rotations this last time were Blue Dream, Grape ROM and Cherry AK
beautiful ladys i will share pics and then jump right in to my home Grow which this thread will be about.

one of the 5 rooms kinda empty atm



Quarintine zone we had a bad spidermite/root aphid problem this winter... wish i got pics





blue Dream


OK now that we got that out of the way! now to start the real fun!

MY grow this time is just for fun and a little test again~
my Grow box is 2x2 and 4 ft tall it is vented by 2 120mm Computer fans keeping the box temp and a wonderful 87.5 during lights i have tested for a week to get my temps to be right.

lights: 10 total Cfls 8 @ 2700k and 2 @3500k
the 2700k lights put out 1600 lumens and the 3500k puts out 1750
this puts my total lumens @ 16,300
the reason i am going with Cfl again is two fold... one is the power consumption. and two is this is just for playing around. i get to be in a building surounded by plants and can get my fill there. and again i will show that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PUT UP WITH TINY WISPY BUDS WITH CFLS!
GET THEM LIGHTS CLOSE! CFLs loose a majority of their penetration after 2 -3 inches! only trick is u get to move the lights EVERY DAY!

Soil: my soil medium is easy i get some of our wonderful soil up at our ranch(RICH AS HELL! has a great soil/air ratio,) i get it from the older ash pits (10 yrs old) it has had human milorganite, ash and other things decomposing for a long time. to make sure that there are no bugs or other harmful things i put it through a pasteurization. i have used it for years and have wonderful results from it. after pasteurization i mix a half and half with Vital Earth loose coco. amazingly everything is PHed @ 6.7

so this is the main reason i am doing this grow.. the Ferts are Vital earths mix i have been told that i can expect a 10% increase from our other ferts and can be as much as a 28% increase. this is why i am testing it with cfl.
it we get a noticeable difference with "cfl no mercy" than we will switch our main Op over.
i will be useing VE grow and Bloom as well as their Bio pac, due to the soil mix we use i will not need their guano or teas. i will however use their glacial rock later in grow
NPK levels are: Grow 4-3-4 and Bloom is 2-5-0
i will also use Age old Kelp .30-.20-.30 as a foilar
calmag as needed
i really hope that i get to replace the crappy Roots organic 16 part mix we use... ( BTW ROOTS O GIVES U FLYS GUARANTIED, they are giving out free neem for those that are having problems with it!)

OK now for the good stuff..:thumb:
the ladys are Purple Haze and what we named Krunkle G4 it is Skunk#1 x Purp Urk its a 4th gen great smoke!:Hookah:

they are in 3.5 gal they began their first day of 12/12 on 5/8/2011
now just to make sure every one understands... this is a 12/12 NO MERCY grow the plants will never see more than 12 hrs of light makeing this a complete grow in 2 1/2 months i should start seeing hairs in 3 weeks (typically how long the plant takes to reach maturity)
this will get it done fast so i can get the results and get things changed at work as well as it will be dun before i get MARRIED in September and go to Hawaii:surf:

well i think i have al the details so lets get some pics:rasta:
well as soon as i can get my camera to connect :tokin:

tell than any questions feal free to ask
i hope to see some old faces stop by
till than i think its time for some ATF to get the day started!

George Parker

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Very nice! Those pics are all great but that Bubba is making me drool... I love me some Bubba Kush.

I'll be following along if you don't mind :) I just started a 12/12 from seed grow with CFLs as well, 3 days ago. Looking forward to seeing this.



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Glad to have you aboard dirt!
to tell you the truth i adapted your cfl light design for my needs in my space...
very nice and works well
pics of the grow will follow soon
day 5 and they are doing well high temps are at 82.2 Atm lows around 55
this cold rain is nice but its makeing it a little colder than i want in the box at night ill have to play with some ideas on how to fix it so it is only a 10* swing night to day.....
the ladys are just bout ready for their food to begin!:MoreNutes:
they had their first treatment with the micro-bios and will receive them every 3 weeks as well as 2 tsp of calmag per gal

they will also receive a small feeding of the VE veg @ 2 tsp per gal they shouldn't even take that much right now just a little boost tell they really stretch them roots

well now lets get the photos loaded


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OK and the pics for the home grow!
few of the grow box and light ( nice thing is that this box will become a mother box latter in time just pop the lid and throw on a 400 W!)



and the girls

Krunkle G4

and purp haze ( my last seed if it pops male ill take it to the shop if its a good pheno if not ill chop and replace with a bubba. or g 13)

well theres the pics for now.....
the purp haze i would really like to see pop hairs i love the way she grows and such Vibrant purple!:cheer:
even a nice male would make me happy to... id love to make a purp urk x true OG... mabey call it the purple turk!..... ahhh might be time for some brownies and a bowl!

George Parker

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Well I'm glad I could help :thumb:

When I designed the light I was hoping that it could be easily changed to fit different setups, so that's great to hear.

As far as the temps go, I ran into the same problem wth my first grow. I ended up running the lights at night so the room stayed warm and off during the day as it was warm enough outside, and it worked great. Just an idea.

Looking forward to the pics!


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Wow awesome setup, and kickass rooms. Those pics are just awesome to start off with too, real detail of the strain. You going to change the strain rotation at all or keep what you have? I'm diggin what your groin right now


thanks for the props on the warehouse its kinda empty atm had a BAD spidermite infest and we had to just about clear out the whole place
the 4 main strains we keep going all the time they have a nice following and are verry potent! the og1 is extremely expansive in the lungs and has a skunky chem taste dense hard crystaly nugs dont really grow bigger than a baseball and grows horns as it matures.... the OG2 is the similar in growth but has a lemon /chem taste they tend to be off the shelf verry fast same with the PK and as Everyone knows BUBBA!

we keep them in cycle they are our bread and butter. OG1 is the "True OG" you can get in CALI but due to the altitude change it comes out a little different (tighter growth, stronger flavor, and WAY mor resiny) so we call it Rocky Mountain OG in CO

the other strains we cycle Blue dream, cherry ak, Grape Rom, Cheese, Northern lights, Sumatra, and a few more...... im working on finding ATF that i like and think matches up with the way it used to be back in the day...... some strains have just been lost in time i think.

well now that i have sufficiantly rambled on i will leave you all with best wishes for all of your individual grows. may they your ladys be stacked with heavenly green


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yah got them runnin night. its just the cold rain atm that is bringing my night temp down.
it shouldnt be a big problem but Co does get cold days in the summer some times
thanks for the Rep bro


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well i know i need to get an up date on here sith wome pics.... ive been lazy with the weather here in Colorado just cant beat to bring the girls out in to the 50 * weather to take a pic. so it will have to wait....
due to the weather my night temps (which are the daytime temps) have been ranging between 55-65* with my lights on temp at 89.5 steady
im sure that when the days begin to get warm this temp swing will be solved.
at this time the exaust fan is turning off during lights out and it is helping
both of the girls are very happy
the KG4 is starting its 3rd set of leaves and the Purp-haze is just a little behind
so far they have only needed one feeding receiving just under a gallon together
they got a light mix of Vital Earth Grow (1tsp) and 1Tsp of AO Kelp
they also received a light foliar feeding of the kelp for a quick boost
this morning they had greened significantly
got to love kelp!:yahoo:

my RH in the box is sitting about 35 % during day and 20% at night

i will be adding Co2 to the room in the up coming days so i will try to get pics up soon
life is busy..... always trimming.... trim trim trim trim trim....... AGGGGGGGG never thought id say it but it can get old......... we just need to hire designated trimmers........ i like the grow room my ass doesnt get sore from sitting for 12 hrs lol
ahhh im doing it again... time for a bowl and a shower......
peace to you all!


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well im still late on the pics for the home grow....
been really busy at work atm
just did the 2nd week Phospho load on the hydro room... always brings a week of grimacing this time i was off.... welll it didnt get measured right........ painful to walk in and see an entire room like this.....

least theres a room full of girls like this tooo!

i will work on geting more pics up soon


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OK its time a little up date
girls are doing well both are sitting about 3 1/2 Inch tall and 4-4 1/2 in wide
showing healthy growth
my temps are starting to even out with the passing of the rains
sitting at an average of 65 for a low and 91.2 on the dot for my high
%RH is around 35% during day and drops to 10 for night
they received a full feed of vital E grow and bloom as well as some Hygrozime and a little kelp.
the KG4 will be the lady i watch to see if i like the Vital earth or not i have grown her before and know how she does.

the purp haze is already starting to show signs of that vibrant purple i love so much cant get it to show with the camera might see if i can get the wife to try shes the Photographer.

ok ill stop jabin and get the pics out
sorry so few there will be more later in the game .....
Krunkle G4 (KG4)


and Purp haze



have a green week:peace:


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thanks dirt im happy with them so far
wish i had more pics to show or the shop.... got one room at 4 weeks flower another just beginning and one just about to finish up.....
and of course the veg room.....
just been to busy to take pics of them when im there..... might just go on a day off to document.

thanks for tunin in


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Hi shaggie, just ran through your first grow and caught up here. Very nice. Looking forward to watching another 12/12 grow. Got to love those CFL's.:thumb:


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glad to have you along mugs! Cfls rock for what they are i have to admit....
would love to have a hood set up but space is an issue.... i do think they have the ability to make more potent medicine which is what i like and need.
glad to have put the time in to the building of the grow space .... the last one still cracks me up to think about:19:

ive learned alot sense the "Box" grow, doing it for a living is sure a wonderful thing.
and the best thing is that there is no down time on learning something new.
dont care what it is eather.... i just got lucky i guess!

alright peace ill up date with pictures after my trip so much planning to a wedding it kinda drives you nuts
peace all and as always have a green day


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weell i said i wasnt going to up date but i guess i lied... its official the purp haze the one i was praying to be a fem it none other than a yes thats right ITS A GIRL!
just barely showing really surprised i even caught it! by the time i get back from my trip it would have been unbelievably obvious! looked at the krunkle and its not showing yet but things look good.
Oh ya for got to tell yo all about the add
a buddy gave me a Ak clone that he didnt have room for so i threw it in to flower after transplanting in to a 3 gal grow bag like the other girls.... been in there 3 days and shes already beginning to flower. so as keeping with the tradition with my AK plants we now have Dalis' daughter!
still havent figured out how to get the music in there this time... lol
im still a BIG believer that plants LOVE music they are stimulated my high and low frequencies just like your voice! test it... put a house plant in front of a speaker and watch it grow extremely happy!

damn it i cant get on here with out rambling lol
well my quick up date became something other...

well ITS A GIRL now the wife gets to name her....
wow.. strange parallels....
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