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I have a friend who has a bunch of shake, like a quarter pound of the stuff, and no idea what to do with it. He's been pawning it off to this asshole who buys off of him, by putting about an eighth's worth in every ounce this guy buys, but this isn't working. The shake piles up faster than he can get rid of it that way. I've been telling him that he should make some hash out of it, but he doesn't think he'll make any money that way. I know he could sell the hash for more than he's selling the weed for, per gram, anyway, but I don't know how much hash he could get out of a Q.P. If anyone could give me an approximate amount it would be greatly appreciated.



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Just knock a little off the price and sell it straight up. Shake's about as good as nugs, and very good for rolling joints and blunts, I don't see where the problem is if I'm buying weed, if it's reasonably cheap:hmmmm:

By shake, you just mean the broken up / crushed bud that accumulates at the bottom of a sack or a jar, right?


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Or he could just smoke it...

Shake is as good as the bud that its from. And my guess is that since he's selling mass quantities of bud, the shake can't be anything to shake a stick at. So smoke dat shit.


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I love shake because sometimes you get alot of trichomes in there. MMMM. I would buy a pack of papers and roll it all up.


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Yeah, by shake I mean the crumbs that you get in the bottom of a bag.

I don't mind the big bag o' shake, because when I drive my friend around (he has no car, no license either) that's what he pays me in.

The thing is, everyone (with very few exceptions) in this area is stupid. If I were to offer someone around Waynesburg say, four or five grams of shake for twenty bucks, they'd get pissed off and tell me they wouldn't pay five dollars for an eighth of shake. These people would serriously take the ugliest, stemmiest, seediest eighth with buds (and overpay) rather than the shake. I myself have never understood this. The end result is this huge bag that my friend keeps complaining about, because it takes up space and keeps getting bigger and doesn't make any money.

So, how much hash could be made from a Q.P. of shake?


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i usually vape all my left over shake, with that method it doesnt matter what form of marijuana you have just so long as it has thc


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Must be a PA thing, when I lived up there I had the same problem. People would see shake and immediately get all pissed off. Eventually I got people to see the light when I explained that they're actually getting more weed by not having to lose seeds and stems, and it's already broken up.

But yeah, if the dude's selling enough to have QPs of shake lying around, just smoke it, or roll it up, or as it sounds like he's doing, pass it off here and there for favors or whatever.


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I remember someone gave us a big bag of shake...after Anfrey picked out all the seeds and steams we still had like about a 1/4 or 1/2 worth of bud left....and these people we're just gonna toss it out! :O


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ya know i everytime i have a bunch of shake, i always end up spilling it on the floor! if my apt goes up in flames, im staying inside!
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