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Shamanic Use of Cannabis



Let me begin by saying that I started smoking an occasional joint around the age of eighteen, and although I never kicked the habit completely there were several years during which I never took as much as one draw. I liked the strange sensation and enhanced perception of music the drug gave me. That was about all that happened until I started to use it spiritually.

Here's how that works:

The shamanic universe basically consists of Upper World, Lower World and Middle World. A channel often perceived as a 'tree' connects them. Physical life happens in the Middle World, yet it is dreamed up in the Upper World, from where it sinks to the Lower World and is born to the middle. Right, now what about drugs?

This whole system is crossed by a huge labyrinth system of tunnels. A shaman enters these tunnels for journeys. Some are guarded, however, and plants such as Cannabis are powerful keepers of tunnel entrances. You have to 'friend' the spirit of the drug, so it will allow you to pass. Via that tunnel you may then enter secret worlds of perception, and access the knowledge taken to these chambers by travelers who came before. In the case of Cannabis the treasure trove is huge, since it is one of the most ancient companions of mankind.

This also means that it has a lot of power and should be treated respectfully. If disregarded, it will turn all its might against the misuser. Occasionally, smokers 'fall' into one of the tunnels the plant guards, and they may encounter scenes they find hard to comprehend. Always remember, each person is part of the same universe and safe within it. On cannabis you might experience this and a sensation of fear may set in. This is caused by the loss of boundaries, and these fears do catapult you straight out of the experience of oneness. An ancient drug like Cannabis will not take reverential users to places they can't cope with.

Cannabis shows best effects when used in combination with music that is tuned to its vibe (such as good reggae or Tabla). The music will then act as a guideline and prevent one drifting off topic. If Cannabis is combined with meditation practices, it helps to build up genuine empathic abilities, and if you're a medium, it opens channels. During all 'flowing' procedures it usually works supportively, but there are limitations. Since it affects sensual perception and time flux, it is not wise to use Cannabis for spiritual work that requires (manual) accuracy, formality (rituals), or any highly precise work. Cannabis and alcohol do not agree at all, and some spiritual paths ban it.

The most common problem arising from spiritual work with Cannabis is underestimation of its impact. I've come across heavy smokers (even some with experience of ****) who were convinced that this 'mild' drug would not affect them at all. They were surprised to find themselves carried away deep to the roots of their problems and facing things they had been dodging and covering up with harsh chemical drugs before. That can create a situation where shamanic supervision would be advisable. At the very least, someone who is really familiar with the spiritual use of Cannabis should be around. The hallucinogenic capacities of the drug are tremendous, if called upon, and an unexpected vision can often be unsettling. Cannabis is too often used as a mildly stimulating commodity, which does not compare to spiritual use of the same drug at all. Generally, people tend to drift too deeply into the 'other worlds', without having painfully aquired the ability to orient themselves in an altered state of mind.

And that is the main problem of the spiritual use of drugs in general. Over the years of banning, people have lost a lot of knowledge of how to approach a substance, what safety precautions to take and what can be expected. Drugs have always been put to good spiritual use, and they have the power to alter human consciousness. But they need a positive handling to bring good changes, and that cannot be provided in criminal surroundings. In previous times, there were initiated people in charge of everything concerning them, and they made it a point to teach younger generations.

If it weren't for all the legislative difficulties, I would love to hold workshops on the spiritual use of Cannabis. It's easy to deal with even for beginners, it's fun, and it has been around with man from the begining for that purpose.


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this is deep :48: i totally zoned out into another realm while reading this. hopefully everyone has enjoyed :439:


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and I would attend workshops like this. I went to a karate class once and the sensai was a stoner. so we really didnt do anything but smoke herb and stretch and do breathing excercises. that shit was wild. and I didnt learn any sort of karate. well worth 15 bucks when I was 13....ah, the good ol' days of rotten youth
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