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Share Your Mars Hydro Grow To Win The SP 250: Mars Hydro


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So many nice grows :thumb:

I don't stand a chance in this company :p, but here it is anyway: three auto generations under one TSL 2000:

Thank you for sharing Northern, plants looks great. Why not add the tag in? haha! You never know what the result will be until the last munite. ;)


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#marshydroledgrow @SmokeSara

hey everyone I pre maturely made my first entry and messed up and I couldn’t edit I was told entries unlimited so here is my edit version of my first update

I am very proud of my grow space and I keep it exceptionally clean, I take a lot of pride in the time I spend in my tent and the environment around the tent.
this contest is really a blessing for me to even be a part of this contest ,I am a father who is definitely underpaid for the work I do ,my wife and kids come first and after paying the man my wants and needs get left behind . I would never be able to afford one of these lights let alone two so this is a very exciting chance for me . So this is a saving grace for me , but let’s not get any hopes up , we all know how that goes.

this was my favourite strain I have ever smoked let alone grown - mint chocolate OG - HSO

Here are my 3 mars 300s and my mars 144( I bough this one used but it works great still)

this grow started our to be a micro space bucket grow , then I had the great idea to fill my 2x4 wall to wall , out of 5 seeds only one made it , haha f**k me right. It took 105 days to fill my tent ,I wish I completely filled the tent wall to wall and let her come above the scrog 4” before flipping , she only stretched 4”

These lights have served me well I got just over a half pound out of this 2x4 off one mint og monster , I wish I had a clone I am kicking myself for not trying to re veg it , the smell the taste is out of this world

Thank you for an amazing opportunity for all of us here at 420magazine


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Here we go...

Love the work you're doing for Mars @SmokeSara #marshydroledgrow
Keep em green y'all!


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Hello all,

First post here and a big thank you to all that contribute, I have learned much here.
I am a 420 med grower and very grateful for you, thank you.

How I came to try 2, sp250's?

1 of 2 very expensive well know led unit's had failed @ flip time making removal necessary for warranty repair. Crap!

Please I'm not here to bash or degrade this is a completely different type of illuminating and pretty much obsolete diode technology comparisons to the sp250 are not equal.

The positive reviews and allot of research revealed to me the sp250 is the one to sample for my needs.

I did, 2, and I'm very happy @ this point, I will not produce any real data other than to mention I purchased 3 more SP250"s to install after this cycle.

This should create even fairly consistent wall to wall coverage @ my bloom footprint, The penetration has already been proven :) @ day 48, the pics are from day 42.

All this so far nets me a savings of 170 watts @ the wall.

Side benefits is not having 8 large very noisy cooling fans per light running 27-7 necessary to keep blue diodes alive in a humid environment.

My heat load was reduced almost 4 degrees from the light swap.

1, 630 watt led with much reduced footprint.
2, 230 watts 460watts total w/much improved footprint and penetration.
170 watts savings producing superior coverage and penetration over the old led's while reducing operating and purchase cost.

Disclaimer... I have paid for all my SP250"s, nothing has been given to me from Mars Hydro.



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@SmokeSara #marshydroledgrow

The girls have been defoliated, more room now for thicker buds. Should be done for valentine's day.



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This is my official entry: Doing great under a Mars Hydro TSW2000!!



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@SmokeSara Your conditions probably prevent some of us that purchased lights on BF from entering this competition. I'm still waiting for my seeds to arrive so there wont be pictures of plants by Dec 31st. Might not even have the lights installed by then :)

Does all that make me a Hydronian and not a Marsian?
Hi DelBoy, I am sorry if you cannot catch up for the deadline. But please don't feel bad, this is just one of the activities we hold, we usually hold one in one or two month, so you can feel free to enjoy the activity this time and participate in future as well. :D :circle-of-love:
I definitely will hold many kinds of activity so that everyone can have fun here. :Rasta:
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