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shed setup


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Hi all,
I'm after my first succesfull grow ( link in signature). I have to move out of the main buidling and set up in a 6''x8'' shed. Looking at 6''x3'' main growing area and a small clonning section. Ive a 6'' fan and a 4'' fan for inlet outlet,carbon filter for odor control (ONA gel sucks balls) 600w lights ( considering getting two of those) ill be growing the same way as the last grow(diy containers), im torn between 2 plants in each or 4 in each.in my first grow ive vegged for 6 weeks and ended up with five oz of good bud and loads and loads of shitty bud that the cfl couldnt reach,i reckon with a hps i would of got good 8 oz,soooo what ye reckon is more efficient-more smaller or less bigger plants,im only looking at 2 grows a year so the whole if you veg 3 weeks you get more in a year doesnt come to the ecuasion at all.

what do ye think?


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1 plant in each.

If you end up with a problem on one plant, and let's say for example, you need to flush, the other plant was healthy, but now the flushing blocks oxygen from getting to the roots, causing problems on 2 plants now.

When growing with CFLs you need to employ several training techniques (LST, defoliation, topping, FIM, lollypopping, supercropping, monstercropping) to streamline the grow so the plants grow to the best of their ability with CFL lighting.
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