Shiggityflip Hits The Brix - Growing Using High Brix Soil

My pheno hunt is still going on but it seemed wise that I do a run of the different clones in Doc's High Brix soil, as what may be one case with chem nutes may not be the same in Doc's High Brix soil. Different phenos may emerge in the different environment. So I decided to start this second journal for strictly the High Brix soil. The hope is that this journal will slowly take over and the other vanish as old growing methods are put to the side and I switch over to this High Brix world.

So the growing conditions are still the same:
4.5'x10' to 12' flower 2 600W air cooled hps, 2-3 3Wx150 LEDs
4'x6' veg space 1 600W HPS (currently one of the LEDs but switching.
temps 66F off 78-82F on
low ppm town water left to sit for at least a day (@50ppm)
No pests yet, watering is on High Brix schedule. Foliars as well

Well guys, it has come to that time. I have planted clones into Docbud's high brix soil.
Agent Orange #s 1,5,9
Huckleberry Kush #s 3,8,11
Mystery Seeds X4,X6
That's two more than I have soil for flowering. I plan on flowering 6 in 10 gallon fabric pots. They will be vegging for the next 7 weeks so nothing too exciting until I get them into the big pots to flower.

TGA Agent Orange
Orange Velvet x Jack the Ripper
Agent Orange is a very good producer with extremely resinous large dense buds. The smell is amazing with hints of oranges, lemons and the smell of a whiskey sour cocktail. The strain contains pigments that have the ability to turn maroon and purple with cool nights. The buzz is up and motivating and will make you smile. The strain is a very heavy producer yielding large flat topped colas with very dense heavy buds. It does very well outdoors reaching over 10 feet in northern California. Indoors it can be topped and produce full canopies and heavy colas.

Phenotypes: Two main variations - one short and thick and one taller and more resinous
Height: Very tall block head colas
Yield: Very heavy but all during the last weeks of flowering. A heavy producer
Indoor and Outdoor
Best way to grow: Top and train into a bush
Harvest: 55-65 days
Sat/Ind: 50/50
Hybrid: Local Orange Skunk x Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen
High Type: Strong and tasty leaves with an orange after taste and an almost trippy high
Taste: A cross between oranges and sour mix. It even makes the bong water smell like oranges!

Dynasty Huckleberry Kush V3
Landrace,F1,F2, Selfed,Polyhybrid etc
Stable F1
Lineage: Oregon Afghani x Huckleberry 2014
Parental Information:
Mom- The mother of this strain is an Oregon Afghani clone that's been around since the early 80s... Pure Kush in appearance and smell, but the Oregon Afghani has been around well before the "kush" label became predominant in the cannabis scene. High CBD make this strain very useful for medical users.

Dad- The father is a select male chosen out of the Huckleberry 2014 gene pool. The huckleberry 2014 is basically a huckleberry backcross, using an old Dj short's BB clone in the mix. Huckleberry 2012=huckleberry 2011/(Dj short BB x Huckleberry 2007... This line has shown great medicinal value and a fast maturation period. This same father has been used in the crater lake V5 and more.

Indica/Sativa % Indica Dominant
Bloom Length: 8-9 week
# of Phenotypes? 3 main phenos
Describe each phenotype expression:
**Huckleberry Kush is another potent medical masterpiece!! After 4 years of work put into this line, we are happy to introduce the Huckleberry Kush Version-3. By far the smelliest and our favorite of all the versions.

Pheno#1 (30%) is leaning more towards Huckleberry and will display a "whiter" appearance. Hairs will tend to be more spindly on this pheno. a bit more sweet/sour huckleberry smell/taste than the others.
Pheno #2 (40%) 50/50 between both parents. Good yield, great sweet/sour smells and lots of trichomes makes this an easy choice for a keeper.
Pheno#3 (30%) is leaning towards the Oregon Afghani but is still dominated by the father... The tops will be a bit more "blunt" and the hairs will be standing on end in straight lines... a bit more earthy kush smell/taste but the huckleberry essence cuts thru in almost every plant..
All other phenos observed were slight variations of the above descriptions.

Expect the following throughout the gene pool;
**White Strain. covered with trichs, makes it great for hash
**High THC and decent CBD...functional medicine with great pain relief
**Kush "pole plant" structure, minimal branching
**Easy to grow, plants can handle fair amount of stress without harm
**Dense buds, harvest on time or beware of mold!!
**8 week bloom time
**Good for Sog...but not as good for scrog though
Expect these slight variations;
**Smell/taste...... more/less huckleberry/kush depending on pheno
**Stretch ...... between .75-1.25x
**yield ....... some buds will grow "outward" more = more yield
**Veg time... slightly longer veg time required on some plants
Stretch: 0.5-1.25
Resin Profile:Copious Resin
Odour Score:8
Odour Description:sour berries, lavender, coffee, hash oil
Flavour Score:9
Flavour Description:sweet/sour berry, coffee/hash
Potency Score:9
High Type:initial cerebral, deep body stone..

So here we go, let's hit the Brix!
Okay so the first thing is that I transplanted clones from the easycloner into 1 gallon fabric pots with High brix soil I have had cooking for over a month. I made a nice hole and put a liberal amount of roots! powder into each hole. Then I put each clone in and carefully pushed the soil around the roots. If the foots were longer than 5" I cut them down to that length to encourage lateral growth. They are all looking happy and healthy next to their non HB counterparts. They are the ones in the back, the 3 to the right in the last row, all of the next row, and the one to the right in the third row from back.This pic is from yesterday and they look even better today. I planted pretty loosely on the first few and they sank a bit, when they grow some I will backfill all pots. I added 1/4oz drench into 3 gallons of water and drenched them all, being careful to let them run off the excess. I am excited to see these babies grow! Veg room was a hasty set up, I will clean things up a bit this week and change the LED for a 600W HPS. The LED is going into the flowering room to cover my mystery sativa.
I'm first for once!

I will be watching closely Shiggity. It's nice to get to follow along with such an experienced grower.:green_heart:
I'm here. All you had to say was "new grow". I'm so easy. :laughtwo:
I'm a complete noob in this case FF but glad you are here. I am counting on all High Brixers to help me through this first attempt!

I haven't done it myself but I've heard nothing but great things! With your skill and passion, man, you can do anything!

I'm excited to get this thing started! I know I can learn a lot in here!
Pakalolohawaii's thread on high Brix growing had a beautiful grow of huckleberry kush. I hope I can get close to what he grew!

Always welcome in any thread of mine Sue! Got a nice recliner for ya.

I'm most comfy on the floor these days. When he died I suddenly gave up furniture. Weird, I know, but I works for me. I'll just throw my mat over here off to the side so no one trips over me.
One week and it is time for another drench. I added 1/4oz (about 7.5 ml) transplant to 3 gallons water to drench the little ladies, they were nice and dry and though not wilted yet since this is the first wet/dry after cloning I didn't want to push them too hard. I also added an X6 plant to the mix to make Oldergrower happy. She is a little yellow so it will be fun to see her green up inside Doc's soil. This makes 8 plants competing for six spots. I like to make things interesting.



I had some destress left from last time in my flairasol sprayer so I let it come up to room temp from the fridge while drenching. Destress can be kept up to a week in the fridge.


So I put some of the water in a little tub that I have that goes up 2/3 of the way on the fabric pots and dunked them for a couple minutes then held them to drain on an angle. I then let them sit in a saucer for a 5 minutes and poured some of the drench on top to soak the upper layer of soil before lifting them on an angle and letting them drain. They were drained until the drops coming out only came every several seconds or so.

Then I took the sprayer with destress and made spray the underside of the leaves, then the top as well.
Afterward, I ran clean water through the sprayer so I don't have destress drying inside and clogging things up. After this I think it is one more wet dry cycle before we start the regular feeding regimen. Is that when you Brix people start Growth energy drench?

Any of you Brix veterans, please speak up if I ever do anything wrong or if I could do something better. I would appreciate it because I am a noob at this method. It will help all the new people that come after me as well. Feel free to post ANYTHING you Brix guys think may help! I have no growers ego, I just want to do this right!!!

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