Shottafire's - Bubba OG Sealed Medical Grow in Sunshine #4


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Thanks BID. I really appreciate the kind words on the sickness my brother carries. He is doing better but he is still withdrawing and super depressed.

Im glad you dig the grows BID. Its passion going in so passion usually comes out in the finish.


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Were all pulling for your brother. Is this your current journal or is there another? Your link in your sig. isn't working right. Hope this finds you doing great


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Man I am sold on the super soil. The buds are much fuller and more floral in the nose.

I am taking them down a few days earlier than normal. My schedule later this week would not allow me to have a smooth harvest so I did it early. The results are obvious that the super soil definitely packed on more resin and the plants got a lot more color at the end. Here is a few pics from the harvest going on now.


Enjoy all and have a good weed.
I had to give this a bump, those are some of the nicest looking nugs I ve seen in awhile brother reps all day long! Im mixing up my first batch of supersoil right now, seeing those picks has got me chompin at the bit to get some plants in it...6 weeks to go:)


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Thanks jon I really am just having a blast and trying to learn as much as I can yet keeping it simple still.

The buds were the best I have done yet and it blew away all the hydro guys I know. There is room for improvement in the yield department by upgrading the pot size to 7 gallons as well 9 in 7 gallon pots might be calling


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Hello shottafire . . . . :ciao:

I'M ON PAGE 1 . . . :11: . . . :11: . . . . IT'S ONLY RIGHT TO . . . . :rollit: . . . . AND TAKE MY TIME . . . . :reading420magazine:

Subscribed +Reps . . . . :48:

shottafire THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR GROW WITH US . . . . . :Namaste:

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

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