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Should I be concerned? Aphid infestation


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As it stands I have a indoor grow of cannabis with a few plants in it. I also have an outside garden and today I realized the entire garden have been infested by aphids. All my roses and daisies are completely ruined, and Im concerned they might spread indoors.

So the question is, does aphids affect cannabis plants? Should I be extra careful when moving from outdoors to indoors? Or are cannabis plants generally safe from these pests? I tried some googling, but I found conflicting information, which is why I am asking.

Thanks in advance :thumb:


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Yes, you should be concerned. Aphids can fly, so when you visit your outdoor garden the aphids can stick on your clothes and be carried inside to your indoor grow. The conditions for indoor growing are perfect for aphids, spider mites and other invaders. Aphids multiply at an incredible rate, and can muck up your grow in no time. If you want to keep your grow organic, you can research how to make a homemade garlic or tomato spray that will effectively remove your infestation. I am sure there are other organic methods available as well. Hope this helps!
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