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Should I give up on these


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Hello to all.
Question. I have been fighting caterpillars for about a month now. They are eating the top of my buds at the stem. So, I find the leaning bud and find an eating caterpillar.
Now also that the plant has recovered for over feeding (I transplanted into a 5 gallon pot and with held feeding), the leaves and stems are stretching out and are smooth on the edges.
My question is, should I give up on this baby and start another one?



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Apologies for the sideways pictures. I have such a hard time getting them to show up straight,
Should I give up on theses babies.
The darker green plant has been thru overfeeding and bad PH watering. I have transplanted into a bigger pot and they are recovering. But the leaves are smooth edged and stretching out.
The lighter green plant, I cannot determine what is lacking. It appears to be nitrogen and or potassium.
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