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Should I repot? Day 3 12/12


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Hello everyone.

I was just wondering if I should repot my lovely lady or not.

Strain is Z (Hashplant X OGkush). Running 230 Watts of CFL. Perlite/Vermiculite/Natural Compost as soil.

Here's a couple pictures of the roots at the bottom of my 4.3 galon pot. I just took these pictures.


She's been a real treat to grow so far :):circle-of-love::cheer:



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That's a good size. I wouldn't worry since she won't be doing much root development now. I use 3 gallon and 5 gallon and have no complaints. My holy grail kush Flux and strawberry blue mainline are 3 gallon, my HGK clone and pineapple chunk are in 5 gallon.
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