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Should I start my grow from clones or seeds?


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Growers face the decision to start a grow from either seeds or rooted clones. The decision is not obvious, as both growing options have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Growers may have to weigh cost, growing space, crop risk and turn around time.


# Clones are female! No need to pre-sex or worry about males
# Clones are much faster to veg up and flower than starting from seed, resulting in a quick harvest and a much shorter turnaround time.
# Clones can be quickly grown into moms and re-cloned, for an (almost) instant vegetative and flowering crop
# Clones are genetically identical, but some differences will still be evident in the phenotype. In general, clones will exhibit even growth and growing characteristics.
# Rooted clones can be flowered immediately if space or time is a problem.
# Clones can quickly indicate a strain's characteristics (smell, vigor, branching pattern, sativa/indica dominance, rooting quality, etc).


# Clones can be difficult to find, as opposed to available seed banks. Clones from unknown sources are of suspect quality and genetics.
# Growers run a high risk of inheriting problems from the last grower: Root rot, spider mites, powdery mildew, etc. If these problems are not identified and treated, they can quickly spread to an entire crop.
# Unhealthy clones may die or remain in shock for an extended period
# Shipped clones may be in shock and take weeks of TLC to recover. There are many stories of medical clones shipped without any protection and arriving flat!
# Clones are more light-sensitive than seeds. Unrooted clones take time to become established, and are easily burned by light (and nutrients)
# As clones are almost always female, breeding options are limited. Hermies are possible with unstable clone crosses.


# Seeds obtained from reputable seed banks are of known lineage and genetics. You should have a reasonable idea of what the strain will do in terms of yield, quality and flowering time.
# Breeding and crossing options are possible with male seeds. (Feminized seeds produce a higher % of female seeds, but 100% female is never guaranteed, and hermaphrodites are more possible).
# Hybrid vigor. Females grown from seed are often higher yielding than clones. Strains can lose their vigor over time; growers may want to 'rejuvinate' their grow with the same successful strain.
# Your seeds should produce healthy plants, free of disease and pests.

# Seeds take a long time (and there is more labor, money and time involved) before a harvest can occur.
# Cost. Seeds can be expensive, not only per seed pack, but in the time they take to produce a flowered crop.
# Problems with shipping/customs seizing seed bank deliveries, switched seeds, etc.
# Unstable hybrid strains (See faqs on strain breeding )
# Not all seeds will be viable (germinate) and only 50% of the unfeminized seeds will be female (feminized seeds may produce up to 90% females). Only female seeds will produce female mothers, from which productive clones can be taken and flowered.

# It may take several seed packs to discover an excellent mother.

The procedure to sex seeds enmasse:
-grown into mothers
-clones taken from each mother, labeled, then sexed to tell which mother is female or male
-the best mothers are selected (males may be optionally discarded).

-mothers are mass cloned
-clones are vegetatively grown and then flowered

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What makes all the difference for me, is that I know my clones are FEMALE ! Who likes nurturing a plant for many weeks to realize that it is a male and must be destroyed. The disadvantages of growing from clones, listed by 420 are certainly legit , but after originally buying seeds, I see no reason to buy seeds other than to try different strains and varieties. Clones and flowering clones in particular offer all the advantages of having an abundant harvest.


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I hace seesds and clone gpoing in a arower garding, how lone can I gorow them in a veg. state I am running 24, also use a floesant light 2 tub. would the floesant light enought. Please hepl me.:please.


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:nicethread:good info, im starting from seeds and then cloneing, ? though i can keep a female in veg and just keep cloneing ?, how long can u do this if possible, on and on ?, what are advantages or disadvantages:thanks:


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im pretty sure im gonna go with clones but if anyone that knows a site i can get seeds from that ships to the U.S. let me know because i want to try some different strains of marijuana


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thanks for the helpful infor dude. here in texas its impossible to get my hands on some clones. Im thankful for my coffeshop seeds


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Assuming it is a mature plant, it all depends on how branchy it is I would think. I don't think that I personally would take more than 2/3 of a mother at any one time but I have seen people really scalp them if they did outdoor grows and needed say 100 clones and only had a few mothers.


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thanks guys.. i'd tried to download some pics,but it said the file was to big..

i cut 2 off of her earlier she still has a few more left i'll let her recover from that... i can only grow 3 at a time anyway...

pitviper- nice plants,are them from clones?


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Ok so.. I am soooo new to this growing stuff and I am trying to get everything before I start. But reading this I have a question that hopefully can be answered...
Q: What is the difference between the male and female plants?
Q: Are males useless and if not then what is the special difference of the male and female?

I know it may sound like 2 stupid questions but Im tryna learn all I can and I think this is kinda vital before I start tryna grow hahaha!

I usually just smoke what I get but the longer Im a smoker the more I want to know and do!

Thx to anyone who can help!!
difference is males have pollen sacks and produce no bud.. little to none thc females is what your going for...
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I heard that if you clone from a clone, then your rounding into the F2 and F3 and in turn lowering your THC levels greatly? Any feedback on this?

F2, F3, etc. don't come from cloning, they come from breeding. They are successive generations of the parent stock, not copies.
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