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Should I start my grow from clones or seeds?


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Do you sale any step how to growth from seed? I found one seed and I am exciting to growth one . I am cooking not smoking . I missed soup beef with noodle and put leave in . Thanks Thai 114


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clones offer the benefit of you might get to sample the plant before you buy it. At a farmer's market some growers sell meds and clones, so if you like the meds - you buy the clones.

Seeds - well - you don't know how it will be until you pop it and harvest.

Clones are pretty reliable - they are exact copies of the mother, same results everytime.

Seeds - can be more vigorous - F1 plants from seed have more vigor. But then cloning from those plants means you get pretty vigorous clones too.

I only brought seeds to bring in strains we did not have locally.



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In my opinion, as long as the clones are a solid strain and healthy, clones everytime hands down. The biggest advantage is the time you save with clones which can be used for a faster harvest or a longer veg. Hope this helps!


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Wonderful advice on the advantages and disadvantage. I really needed this knowledge as my first grow is a Kandy Kush clone


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Hi SmokeyMacPot, although this thread is closed can you help me? I have some seedlings that look like they are dying. I think I over-watered them. If I did, what should I do?


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I always grow from seed. The only time I grow from clone is if I get a genetic and mother I really like. I have ADD though, and love to train different genetics straight from the breeder. A lot of the clones you can buy a medical shops are labeled wrong, just to sell to people. Look at all the people in California who started buying Girl Scout Cookie clones, that were not GSC at all. Eventually BC Bud Depot and Cali Connection came out with their own version of GSC, which are both terrible. The point is, you can't trust the medical shop to be telling the truth about the clone you buy. Many are not the strain they claim. Unless you know where the mother has come from, have smoked from the mother, and see them take a clipping (or know someone who has seen them), I don't do it.

Clones from medical shops also often come with bugs. Many medical shops, and many people who go to medical shops are dirty. They don't properly care for the plant, don't properly make sure it's free of insects. I am not talking about all shops, there are quite a few good ones out there, but unfortunately a vast majority are shady.

If I want a mother, I buy regular seeds, and grow tons of them. Lately though, I have been buying feminized seeds, and start with double the amount I plan to grow. If I am growing two plants, I start with four seeds and so forth. The strongest two will be the ones I continue with.

I have found no difference in quality, and find the only time they hermie is when the person is growing incorrectly. With incorrect air flow, temps or another environmental stress on the plant. I don't find Monster Cropping, SCROGing, or supper cropping causes feminized seeds to hermie.


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I have some questions to ask professional growth ...
You can probably tell someone about the whole process of planting matters need attention?
For example: Change the time period switch lights and the like.


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keep a clone off the best plant , ie.. the one that adapts to your system & methods, she will ALWAYS be female, each generation thinks its an older plants & goes on & on.
take that bestie & Bonsi Mother her. she keeps about 2 yrs & then clone her & fresh mother her for 2 more years!
low lights & not much H2o or fert to MOMs till week prior to gettign cuts off her.
its the only way to FLY!!


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im pretty sure im gonna go with clones but if anyone that knows a site i can get seeds from that ships to the u.s. Let me know because i want to try some different strains of marijuana
hey check out" attitude seed bank"they r the best, used them lots never a problem lots to choose from u wont b sorry cheers paul


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Thanks For the Info. Now to find out the best way to Clone. :thumb:

There are a few ways to produce clones, and cannabis is (generally) an easy to clone plant. You can clone just about any plant by making two shallow cuts all the way around the stem a half inch or so apart, connecting the two cuts with a shallow vertical one, then peeling the "bark" off the stem. If your cuts are shallow enough, you will have removed the first layer without damaging the nutrient transport (etc.) layers underneath. Pack the wounded area with some kind of medium, dampen it, and wrap it with a lightproof and waterproof cover. In a week to ten days, you can check the wound - it will almost always be healed - and showing root growth, lol. At that point, you can simply cut your rooted clone off of her mother and plant it. But... that's usually overkill for cannabis.

If you are not in a hurry, my grandmother used to cut a (small, clone-sized) section off of plants, stick them in a glass of water, and place the glass on a windowsill. She got a high success rate. So does my mother. I have done the same thing (with cannabis and other plants). Make your cut at an angle, this maximizes surface area of the cut end. Don't use scissors - that is a good way to pinch the end, and you want it open. You can gently scrape off the outer layer of the stem for about a half inch upwards of the cut. This seems to speed root growth in that area slightly. You can, if you like, make a vertical cut upwards from the bottom of your cutting to further increase surface area at the site. I have done it both ways and didn't notice any difference in success rate (although this may speed rooting just a little). If things are progressing slowly, it can be beneficial to change the water occasionally (the fresh water will likely have more dissolved oxygen in it). If you must use scissors to remove your cutting from the plant - say, if you are at a friend's house and he/she is willing to give you a cutting, but you only have scissors), you can always make a new cut just up from the cutoff-point when you get home.

Are you familiar with those air-stones that people place in their aquariums (and in DWC hydroponic bucket grows ;) )? Many of us have rooted clones by placing them so that the cut end is in the water and turned on the air pump to send air through the stones. This quickens what is really just a newer take on placing a cutting in a glass of water, lol.

I am a fan of Olivia's cloning gel. I believe it helps. I also do not believe it is necessary.

I used to worry a lot about turning cuttings into rooted clones. I read everything I could find and tried to follow many suggestions. I'd painstakingly cut pieces off of the leaves that I allowed to remain on the cutting. I made sure to cover the plants with a humidity dome to make sure they didn't dry out.

<SHRUGS> Until, one day, I realized that I had not been, lol. Didn't seem to hurt anything. The humidity dome helps prevent drying, sure. But... If your medium is damp (as opposed to bone dry or soggy), the cutting is able to uptake a small amount of moisture via the cut end. Not enough to grow a tree, lol - otherwise, cuttings would never need to root. But enough to keep the cutting alive... while it grows roots into the medium in an effort to uptake moisture/nutrients.

I have taken a bunch of cuttings, then had the doorbell ring, so I wrapped them loosely in a couple of paper towels and tossed them into the refrigerator "for an hour or so." The next day, when I remembered them, I proceeded to deal with the cuttings and saw no issues from their little rest in the refrigerator. Once, I dropped a cutting and found it the next day - on my couch. I recut the end (IIRC, I did the same thing for the "chilled" ones) and rooted it just fine.

I have stuck cuttings into cups filled with perlite and just a bit of either vermiculite or coco fiber (as perlite is great for drainage, but doesn't retain water). Placed them on top of the medicine cabinet with the (low-power CFL) fixture turned on. They rooted fine. Those, I added a little Olivia's cloning solution to. It's a very dilute fertilizer, basically. Water would have most likely worked okay, but I have been known to forget things, and this ensured that there would be nutrient in the medium when the clones were ready for it.

It's really... I hate to say "idiot-proof," but... Lol. Some strains seem to root more slowly than others. And, like anything else, one can kill them with, err, kindness. One reason I don't generally bother with a humidity dome any more is that not using one makes it harder to create conditions that are favorable for rotted cuttings, mold, et cetera.

I have taken cuttings, placed them in a light (non-"enriched") soil with perlite mixed in, placed them where they received gentle light for much of the day, and basically just made sure to not allow the soil to dry out too much. Those generally rooted fine, too. Perhaps they took a little longer - but, when they did root, they did so in the container/medium that they would be growing in for at least a little while, so I felt this to be worth it for removing the (possibility of) stress of potting the rooted clone up.

Just rambling!


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I have taken cuttings, placed them in a light (non-"enriched") soil with perlite mixed in, placed them where they received gentle light for much of the day, and basically just made sure to not allow the soil to dry out too much. Those generally rooted fine, too. Perhaps they took a little longer - but, when they did root, they did so in the container/medium that they would be growing in for at least a little while, so I felt this to be worth it for removing the (possibility of) stress of potting the rooted clone up.

I just did this with two Kali Mist and two Jack Herer cuttings. Seems like three of them had roots (passed the "tug test," lol) in eight or nine days. I gently tugged on #4 this morning and it appeared to have rooted, too. Nothing fancy - used the same 75%:25% mix of Fox Farm's Happy Frog soil and perlite that the "mothers" are growing in, four little plastic cups, and stuck them at the edge of the light's footprint. Placed a milk crate upside down over them as a cat-guard. They get occasional shading (cat sits on milk crate from time to time ;) ). I watered the soil well with warm(ish) tap water straight out of the faucet prior to sticking the cuttings in it. I watered twice with a weak (1/3 recommended strength) with Olivia's Cloning Solution - which contains a natural rooting agent - but only because I remembered that I had it. No fancy machines, no cutting of leaves, no heat mat, no misting, and no humidity dome. In short, I cut small flexible branches, trimmed the ends, stuck them in well-drained soil, and let them get on with it. It aint rocket science, lol. Aids are for special circumstances - not for routine use. In other words... Is it 55°F? Use a heat mat device of some sort. Is the humidity 18%? Use a humidity dome (but don't turn the cuttings' environment into a sodden swamp in the process unless what you're really trying to grow is mold, lol). Don't blast them with enough light to grow a tree. Just common sense stuff. If that doesn't work, take a few cuttings and find an 80-year old woman to root them. She'll stick them into a glass of water and put it on her kitchen window sill until they grow roots :rolleyes3 .


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Sorry jump on this but are you ment to wash the coco before using it. I didn't and plants were going yellow so did a flush and got 1200 on the ppm and haven't been giving neuts yet ran 30lt of ph water through got it down to 100 ppm so gonna wait for it dry up a few days before feeding I'm only 3 wks in on seeds

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here is the short answer. I have harvested thousands of plants and speak from experience, not what I have read.

clones are preferable to seeds because they are identical. seeds are like children from a man and a woman, they are all different. I know in some families children are a lot more similar than in other families, where you can have both ends of the pendulum.

what this means is that with seeds some will finish before others, some will have denser buds than others, some will have 'different' buds from others etc etc. I had mango seeds from BC Bud Depot that finished between last week of September and October 31. what a headache, the bud wasn't even that good either.

if you are doing outdoors you don't want to have to go to your patch 4 times because they aren't all finished at the same time. you don't want to deal with 20% lumpos with air bud. you want it all ready at the same time and identical in presentation. indoors is the same, you want uniformity.

the best thing to do is find a good production plant and stick with it. don't get clones unless you know and trust the source. NEVER gamble a pay cheque on an unknown.

alternatively to clones buy some good seeds, grow them and find your own mother plants for future clones. I have done this for the last 5 years and have found a lot of BS in the seed industry but have some good mothers as a result.

currently I have purple kush mothers, AK 47 mothers and am trying green crack and strawberry diesel seeds to see if they are mother worthy. I also have blueberry kush mothers.

always assume the seed bank 'feminized' seeds are regular and watch for males. it has happened to me with micky kush, purple kush, blueberry kush and orange kush. I suspect the seed banks breeder is a nitwit and hits the bong at work.

I play the long game so for me mothers and clones are the most reliable. seeds are great but you have to bear in mind their major disadvantage versus clones. I grow seeds outside and take cuttings off the first ones to bud. if that plant then finishes earlier than the rest and with bud you are happy with, those cuttings are kicked back into veg and will be mothers the next summer.

I hope this helps.
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