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Should I switch to NFTG?


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Base soil 50 FFoF, 10 Big Rootz Organic, 10 FFHF, 20 perlite, and the rest is earthworm castings and such.

I’ll be recycling my soil with one shot, nature’s pride, heritage organics earthworm castings, Bu’s Blend Malibu compost, (a little) dolomite lime and azomite (my last plants ended up needing A LOT of calmag near the end)

So my typical feeding schedule I do
Regular ACTs with 1 cup Bu’s Blend, 1/2 cup Heritage Organics Worm Castings, 1/2 cup EB stone earthworm castings, 1 TBS molasses and URB
Feeding ACTs same as before with 2-2-2 and 3-9-4 Dr. Earth dry nutes veg and flower respectively
I also half strength top dress with the dry nutes
In flower I also make a easy ACT with 1 TBS molasses, 2 TBS alfalfa meal, and mammoth P

I‘m thinking about adding in nectar for the gods spartan regiment into the mix with Athenas Aminas and Aphrodites Extraction added into the mix and take away the dry nutes. Pretty new grower here just wondering if it’ll be worth it to replace the dry nutes with the liquid nutes from OO NFTG. My end game after using up my one shot and natures pride is switching to Cootz living soil amendments and see how the grow goes and not use anything other than ACTs.

Should I not use any liquid ferts if I plan on switching to Cootz’ amendment scheduling?
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