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Siamese Seedling separation


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Ok, so new at this, had my first termination go South when a cold front came through and literally dried out my paper towel over night due to very low relative humidity. Anyhow, I'm left with 3 out of 24 or so seeds. And trying to preserve all I can. There was one seed that took a long time to get and was accidently planted with a seed in same plug. So I have two healthy seedlings about an inch away from each other.

So, is there a way to safely separate these? And how does one attach a pic?


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This is the primary reason I don't use paper towels but opt for a cup of water during germination. The sooner you separate, the less likely roots will become intertwined which increases stress/ damage. As to the pic from a desktop PC, you must upload to the Gallery first. Use of a smartphone eliminates this extra step.



yes, sage is dead on. separate them as early as possible, before roots get entangled too much.

as long as the main shot stays unharmed, they should develop nicely after the separation.
best of luck ... may they thrive for you, mate :)


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I used to plant bagseed by scattering it in the pots - then I'd let survival of the fittest take place, and separate the best ones to repot later when they were 8- 12" high. Roots had to be cut or ripped apart. I did this for a couple years and don't remember any casualties. They're tough plants once they get past the sprout phase. I'd avoid trying to separate them at the very earliest delicate stage- though you may be already past that by now. You could just take a knife and chop the medium in half.
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