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Sick BlueBerry Haze plant, need help please


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This single Blueberry Haze plant has been growing in a 8x8' room for approximately 8 weeks, leaving 4 more weeks for flowering (roughly). All the plants have exhibited weak moments - drooping leaves, discoloring, etc - but have recovered brilliantly with proper correction. This particular plant, however, 1 week into flowering, starting to dry and wilt uncontrollably starting at the bottom 1/3 of the plant. After lolli-popping the plants, including the BB Haze, the troubled area only occupied the mid section, leaving the tops still looking healthy. Today the plant looks on the fence. The bottom half that has been dried up since week 1 is even more dry, and the top 1/3 looks relatively healthy.-

Special note: the fan leaves that are still healthy are turned upward rather than the other plants that have leaves curled downward slightly.-

Conditions are as follows: Three fans going during lit periods; off during dark. Moisture and temperature not measured, but the room feels moderately cool all the time and there is air flow to the outside bay area air 80% of the day. There are only some fungus gnats which i treat with sticky cards and neem oil (only on top soil).-

Nutrition: bay area tap water mixed with cutting edge solutions grow nutrients, watered every three days.-

Any suggestions or relevant experience is helpful.-



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First off, Welcome to the site. You have come to the right place for help.... There are plenty of very experienced growers here that are willing to help... They look a bit stressed... As for the turning of the leaves, The fans--- Do not blow directly on the plant this will cause curling and stress them out. Keep the air flowing over top the canopy. Some slight motion of the leaves is fine just not direct. What is your mixture, what size pots? Lights? there's plenty of info not given that could have much to do with your plants problems. Below is a link to help you with that info. READ IT! The best way to learn is to ask questions but you have to know what we need to help you! Read it through and ask again with more info... Good luck my friend and Happy Growing!!! ........... Invest in a temp/RH meter from Lowes! Very inexpensive (maybe $12-15) and worth the weight in Gold!!!!

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