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Sick Day! :D


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Yesterday was the most fun I've had in awhile. I woke up to my buddy calling me to see if I wanted to go snowboarding down at the provincial park about 3 miles from my house at 1:30. I told him that I'd come and we decided to hang out for a few hours before we left, so he came over about a half hour later. Neither of us had any weed, so we scraped some resin from my bowl and smoked that, but my buddy called our dealer to see if he'd front us a dub. We went to pick it up, and we chilled inside with him for a bit and hit out of his sick 3ft. triple chamber bong, then the three of us headed back to my place. We ran into another friend on the way, and we all matched a gram and chilled in my room for awhile. We walked to the store and grabbed some munchies, then our dealer left with our other friend, so we headed back to my house. We smoked another bowl and rolled a fat-ass joint for while we were snowboarding, and watched Harold and Kumar for a bit. We left for the park after awhile and did a few sessions on the ramp we built before smoking the spliff. We blazed it up and got ripped off our asses and we headed to different hills and rode away from each other for about an hour. After that, we found a saucer and went off ramps with that. It hurt, but it was pretty funny because we were so baked. We went home after another hour of snowboarding, and I went in to cash my paycheck and pick up some smokes and a blunt wrap, then headed to my other dealers house to get the new shit he just picked up. I grabbed an eighth of that, and as soon as I got home, I rolled a blunt and went out back and smoked it. I put it out halfway since I was blazed, and that rolled out to two nice roach joints. I watched some late-night tv, and blazed another bowl around 1:00. I fell asleep after drawing for awhile, and I woke up really early this morning and had a nice wake 'n' bake bowl to start my day. :439:


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damn dude that sounds like an awesome day! yesterday i had school but did goto the sixers game but they got owned by the rockets lol peace brotha
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