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Side by Side - PeakSeedBC Cindy99 #2 & #4 - 2 x 300W Mars Hydro LEDs


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So every year I get just a little bit better at this. Not much, but a little. This year has been good for getting better and investing into better equipment, soil, nutes, etc. I am happy to be here today to do this grow.

Now while this isn't sponsored by Mars Hydro LED - the Best Solutions for Horticulture and Indoor Plants
I am using their product and I still haven't given them the veggie grow I offered. With that in mind if you read this, everything I started under the leds did so well outside I barely had to harden them off. Peppers and tomatoes love the light. I am using 2x old model 300w.

The seeds I will be running are 4x 2 different parents of C99 from PeakSeedsBC. He is a small Canadian breeder and I am running two offsets of his newest strain. A run on a classic. Cindy99(C99). True to the best of the olds. I hope to get a very very nice smoke out of this. I miss the old strains. LUI, C99, Big Bug, hash plant, sweettooth, texeda time warp, ak 47. I digress and have become nostalgic, sorry.

Deets in the favoured form.

What strain is it? Cinderella 99 by PeakSeedsBC
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Mostly Sativa
Organic Super Soil
1 bag seasoil
1 bag veggie promix
1l verm
1l perlite
bone meal, rock dust, epsom, kelp meal, worm castings, myco, sand....
final pot size 2gal
Size of light? 2x300w Mixed Spectrum LED
The room is cooled by a 4' fan with scrubber
Temp of Room/cab? 25-30°C
RH of Room/cab? 30%
PH of media or res? 6.5~
Any Pests ? None Known
How often are you watering? When needed. When pots feel light or wilting is present
Type and strength of ferts used? 1st month none. 2nd month addition of fish emulsion and kelp meal with molasses, myco, worm castings, cal mag, humic/fulvic acid. Flower, mix of organic bloom ferts, worm castings, humic fulvic, cal mag, kelp meal.

Really looking forward to growing one of my favorites again.

Germination should be happening in the next week or two


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subbed! let's see some action!!!

was looking at your grinspoon grow, that is is an epic strain for hardcore growers! how was the "high"?


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Well it was certainly tasty! As for high both the sativas I grew that round had a strong speedy head to it. Fairly clear but with lots of anxiety. Sort of a blessing in disguise that the seeds didn't work out. Not sure what I would have done with 70+ day hybrids. Almost went loco waiting for those to finish. Totally worth the experience.


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So I'm getting ready to sprout. Gonna try something new this time. Adding a little myco to the seeds so they are ready for the soil. Not germinating yet. Likely at least a week or two away. I'm only a couple weeks into flower with the PPP. When I do germ I've got a new veg area for them to grow up in. I'm still debating running them only a couple of weeks after germ, but we will see. I like the result I got with just topping the PP once at node 3. I might do something similar. still up in the air.



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So I got 5 of each soaked in paper towel since yesterday. Already most have cracked and I'm starting to see tap root. I'll let them breath again a couple mins tomorrow and then on Monday I'll pot them up. I'll be starting in 500ml of promix veg mix. The soil I have cooking will probably burn them. I'll have photos sometime mid next week when they break the surface.

I started 5 with the hopes I get at least 2 ladies. I'll be labeling them #2-1 #2-2 #2-3 etc and #4-1 #4-2 etc. I want to have one or two nice mothers from this experiment. Which I should have done with PSBC Blueberry from last grow instead of trying for seeds. I may still try for a little crossing / breeding but I'll see what kind of males I get. A c99 x ppp sounds like a good combo!

These will all veg under a 90w UFO for 4-5 weeks. Will not be topped or trained or anything. Each group of ladies will get their own 300w Mars Hydro Old Model to flower under. They will all get the same treatment unless one starts showing weird growth defs or burns. I'll try to keep up with photos, but once every two weeks is probably what I'm aiming for right now.


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So everything is planted up, full 100% germination. A couple things I wanted to mention about this germination process. #2 was slightly more moist. For this reason if I ever do bag and paper germination again I will throw a humidity guage in there too. #2 was not as developed as #4 in germ but looked better inoculated. If that makes any sense.

#4 after 2 ½ days in the bag were already shedding their seed caps. Awkward part about it though was many seeds were still attached, but to the tap root. Either way,a ll 10 seeds germinated very well. A couple more days and they should all be out of the earth.


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So I had to add a couple more seeds to soil. As per usual some of my seeds were soggy.... 3 more into soil, 2 for sure were removed from their rotting mess. One day I will get this all dialed in.
That's too bad bud! Now you're going to keep me curious even loonger what someone else gets out of the same strain and lights I'm using! I want to see some of your awesome pictures to compare also! I'm only a few weeks out from harvest and my C99 has been growing great.


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Hope ya don't mind I take a peek here and there. I have seen a lot of talk about the Myco's. I add the granular in my soil, but I've heard tell you take the wettable powder and do a 18-24 hour soak for enhanced root development. For what I hear and these peoples are suppose to know what they are saying??? Keepem Green


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Very pleased to have ya Norcal! I use the myco pretty lightly. I add some to my soil normally, and to the water about 3 times a grow. I thought I would try this as I've heard good things from inoculated seeds.

Swinging by your set up now (again?) jojo. c99 was an old favorite ages ago and it has the right characteristics so I am very excited.

The seedlings are doing well. still waiting for those new 3 to pop.

For anyone who has ever followed one of my other grows you may already know that I live ontop of an old nuclear testing site (JOKES!) but I do have an unusual amount of mutation plants. Maybe I am radioactive or something. But again, got a c99 muty! Every damn time haha!


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So I did take pictures yesterday but got home so late it wasn't worth posting. I find the majority of people in this forum are in North America so posting during the day usually gets better results.

Anyways, Here are the 10 plants coming up. In the red buckets, top corner, C99 #4!. In the black, in the bottom corner, C99 #2! You can tell that the three smallest are the seeds I had to restart. Still at 100% germ. Nothing really to report. Will add a fan or something this week to move the air around. Other than that it looks like we are off to the races.

Muty plant has also started showing normal growth. I think it was just trying to hard.

PS. Forum hack! Drag and drop photos from your computer onto the "browse" button.
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