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Here we go first journal, first grow so that makes sense. My Son and I are located in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Yosemite and we decided to give it a go. First things first I have read the posting info so here is the skinny on our grow to date.
  1. Strains; A pair of Purple Punch, 1 Blue Dream, 1 Pineapple upside down cake, 1 Gorilla Glue #4 and 1 Mirage (all clones from Dark Heart Nursery) The exact % are not given on the hybrids just the genetics.
  2. Outdoor grow, 25 gallon plastic plant containers
  3. The soil mix I used was from a local supplier who markets his own brand, I am not sure it sell outside of our area but it is top of the line rest assured. If anyone wants to know the ingredients I have them just not the %s again not information supplied.
  4. Ferts. None so far we got them between 2-3 weeks old and put them in the new potting soil the next day.
  5. No pests yet but we have had pest issues with the 50+ potted plants on the same deck.
  6. First watering today ( will monitor root ball with hydro meter and eyes)
So as you can see we have already made a few mistakes, according to what I have read. The first mistake was directly into 25 gallon containers from rockwool cubes. We did not prep them for the light change from 24/7 to outside we just threw them out in the cold dark world. We soaked the potting soil after we put the clones in so we thought that would suffice for the first 5 days, not so, one of the purple punches almost gave up the ghost before we realized what we were seeing was not over watered but under. We also had an issue with a bright sunlit day almost taking them all out before we got smart and placed a white sheet over the top of the enclosure. We did not do the proper research before jumping in both feet over our heads.

On the other hand we have done some good things as well, we have managed to keep all six alive through the first week of their lives. We lucked onto an expert on the subject of all things Cannabis and he is supplying the potting soil and any other products that we will require for this grow. We used Extreme gardening AZOS beneficial bacteria and Mykos root enhancer when we did the transplant. We got smart and signed up to 420 Magazine's Forums, went a step further and here we are doing a Journal. Oh one more thing, we got plants with good genetics.

That is it for the night, I will be introducing you to the girls tomorrow morning (after we have all had our breakfast and combed our hair of course) and as soon as I get through "putting photos on this site for idiots " guide that one of my new 420 friends was so nice to supply. Thank you all in advance for you time and knowledge we are both very grateful for the support that we will need.

p.s. after reading the rules I hope my grammar and punctuation is up to par with the high standards of this site. I couldn't imagine the shame of being booted for my improper syntax.


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Looking forward to seeing pictures as everything progresses. :thumb:

I’ve never tried to post pictures off of a computer but it’s pretty easy off of your phone, it must be easy on the computer as well. Find the picture icon, click drop image, and boom your almost there lol. Good luck sir.


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So I was reading your other post about getting started. Just gotta throw in my cents. I'm in Cali too, humboldt and my outdoor friends never listen to me.

There is no way you got autoflower clones. Anyone who would clone an autoflower would be insane. By the time the plant got big enough to take clones, they would already be getting buds on them.

Also, put a trellis up when they are a foot tall and another at 3 feet.

Then my friends do not listen to me about lollypopping out door and then complain about how larfy/airy it is.

Get some rainbird bubblers to help with the watering. They are like a 1.50 each.

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Mirage, Day 5 in the pot
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