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Silly drying question


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Hi!Can I dry buds in growroom? temps are not too high,something like 22c and humidity about 55,somewhere buds hidden from less lights,not on the lights,currently I made a little wall seperating from lights near wall which fan blows,so lamps not touch buds and fan oscilating hits the wall from time to time which hit some air of it and slightly give some air to buds,what you think? I know this might be not best option,but I dont have any extra fans,or spots in home to do this job,elsewhere humidity very high.:Namaste:


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I asked this very question about half a year ago!
Yes its not a problem, try your best to keep temps down and humidity around the 50-60% mark and you will be fine.
I would use the fan but not pointed at th . Uds, that will dry them to quickly and they won't cure as well as they should.


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Do you use a tent? If so, you could always hook up a cardboard box to your intake of the tent. This way the buds receive no light and your grow tent will combat the odour.

Otherwise as stated keep the buds out of light, keep the fan off the buds and be on alert for mould.
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