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Silly Little Story


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Me and my friend Brad are driving back from the S.F. valley where we had spent hours looking for weed with no luck.
So I'm driving my van on the 101 N.
Brad looks over to his right and then says "Hey that guy's blazing a doobie".
I glance over and there's a guy in a van smoking a joint.
Brad rolls down the window and makes a motion like hey how about a hit?
So the guy rolls down his window and while we're both driving side-by-side at a steady 65 mph on the Ventura Frwy passes the joint to Brad. Brad takes a hit, passes it to me, I take 2 hits, pass it back to Brad and he passes it back to the guy in the other van.
We do it again, still 65 mph. It was good weed so brad yells "Hey can you sell us a pinch?"
The guy smiles, nods and we both get off at the next off-ramp and end up buying a half oz. from the guy.

alfred morgan

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Hi RangerDanger , do you know how dangerous that was? supposed while passing the joint from one vehicle to the other at 65mph the breeze blew off the lit end of the joint, you would have wasted good weed! unforgivable.


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LOL, I thought..."Do you have any Grey Poupon?"


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I wouldn't do it again.

And I don't do bong hits on the freeway anymore. In fact I rarely smoke at all while I'm driving. I find I enjoy the high a lot more if I wait to get where I'm going before blazing.

P.S. I'm not recommeding trying this on your own. If I had made one slight miscalculation while driving on the freeway it could've meant the deaths of 3 people, not to mention people behind us.
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Pretty cool way to find weed dude, hehe

This kid I knew a while back has done this sorta thing a couple times, driving side by side, passing joints.. Last I heard of him,this dude got stopped for DUI about 2 times, was stopped and charged for possession 3 times.. He lost his liscence I don't know how many times, skipped court and anyways, doesn't really go with RD's story, but it made me think of that dude I knew when I was younger.

Anyways, it's true, it's something potencialy dangerous cuz the slightest bad maneuver and bang.


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Damn, how come I never meet random friendly strangers?


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My mother is an old school head and she has told me a story that resembles this one, accept with hers there was camping involved and alot more than a half oz
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