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Silver Haze "Outdoor" Grow Cycle

Captain Kronic

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What's up pot heads :Hookah:... I haven't been around too much, been very busy in the jungle lately!
Anyways, as the title of the post says, I would like some feed back on the "Silver Haze" strain, Not Super Silver Haze, just Silver Haze.
This is my first crop in 22 years and I am making a good run at a great season seeings as how I got a late start this Summer.
Ok so... among this Summers lovely girls, I find myself w/a couple of old school Silver Haze... YUMMY:439:
I need to know what is the typical harvest time for Silver Haze?
I live close to the Oregon/Nor Cal border, the plants are about 8' tall and about 10 or more feet wide. And... yes... this is an outdoor grow.
I have been told that this particular strain doesn't finish till about the end of November... YIKES!
So... can anyone dispute the aforementioned outdoor harvest time?
Also, I am contemplating forcing them into bud cycle, I am thinking of maybe doing a light dep, or maybe I can encourage them into flower w/some hyp ass bloom nutes, maybe a 0-50-0 or something like that :cheer: ... if you know of other ways to help them get started budding faster, please feel free to speak up!
OK... then, enough ?s....
I am hoping that all 420 Mag members are having as good a time this Summer as I am!
Regards... OldSchooler :peace:
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