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Hey guys ... been reading here for quite some time but , first post here :)

I'm about to go into flowering next week... growing in an apt bedroom dedicated just for the grow , 6x600 hps ...
I'm gonna take cuttings this week b4 switching to 12/12 cycle .
so my question is : Can i grow little clones in a small tent , that is INSIDE the flowering room ??
my main concern is light leaking out from the clones tent ...
are there any tents that are 100% dark on the outside when shut ??

what about Ventilation : is it ok if i get the intake fan from the flowering room into the tent ??
and the other way around ??

i was lookign into those models : GrowLab CloneLAB 2' x 4' or Gorilla Grow Tent 2' x 4'

anyone tried one of those ?? Tnx .

sound design

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what i meant is :

in that bedroom that i grow , i have an intake fan and output fan to exchange air ... both are going thru the wall to a window in the next room ... that gives me a nice fresh air circulation for my grow room ..

now , if i place a tent inside that room , ill setup there 2 (smaller) fans as well to circulate the air in the tent ... BUT , it will not get a fresh air from the window , but the air from inside my flowering room ... is that ok ?


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I run a smaller veg tent in my larger bloom area. I did cover a few light leak spots with some duct tape... but the leaks were VERY minor. There's still a bit thru the zipper... but a gasket formed with duct tape easily blocks that in my case.
Thought.... a black plastic curtain (perhaps cut up garbage bags?) would effectively block the light and still provide fairly easy access.
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