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Simple But Effective "Scrubbing" Setup in a indoor grow room


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I Have two 120x120x200 grow room tents in a bedroom, idea is one for clones/veg and the other for flowering

my setup:

flower tent : 5" air cooled reflector, 600watt duel spectrum, 5" ruck fan and rhino carbon filter also 2 oscillating fans

veg tent : T5 Lightwave 120mm 4 tube , 2 oscillating fans

im undecided on what grow system to use thinking maybe a flood and drain for veg/clone tent and maybe IWS Oxy-pots for flowering

now i have all correct ventilation equipment i think, but i have not set it up yet due to i am trying to find the most effective setup for my setup. i have decided in designing my setup as a "scrubbing setup" in flowering room so my plants will get extra co2. with my items i have mentioned and maybe acquiring a few more bits how would i achieve setting up this scrubbing environment??. also is this even possible if i connect the both tents together because i also want to setup one ventilation setup from veg - flower...

taking this all in to consideration is it possible to connect the both tents and use one ventilation method and have a active co2 setup going on aswell i know this is possible but i cant imagine it so need help with what the design could look like any ideas ?? i have no idea how to design this setup

any input to this would be great thanks guys ...
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