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Single leaves, what should I do?


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Seems to be growing find except it's just growing single leaves. I did some research and found out it's vegetating. it's a clone. I was told I should rip it out and restart, since the yield will be significantly less. Wondering if that is true, since I don't know anyone who has let these grow out. I'm also worried it may hermie? Any suggestions? thanks in advance.



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That appears to be a clone that was taken while in flower. I took a clone from a Cin-x that the bud was FANTASTIC!. I ended up with two clones that lived. One got to be 18 inches or so and wouldn't grow any more. I'm not sure what happened to her. The other grew fine but the bud was less than so-so. I still have a few ounces and will probably either keif it or make butter out of it all. I won't take any more cuttings while in flower. But your plant will probably get regular leaves shortly and grow fine. She looks healthy. You will never know how she finishes if you don't finish her!

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yep plants just a little confused ,it will be fine in a week or two
when clones are taken a couple of weeks onto flower then rooted under 18/6 or 24 photo period they trigger back into vegative growth and the point at which the new leaves grow changes back so the leaves output opposite each other instead of the "spiral" leaf output positions of flower cycle (opposite and alternate phyllotaxy),when this occurs the leaves can be quite malformed until the plant is in veg full swing :)
usally clones taken in flower do not have single standard leader they will be bushy multi branched beasts


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I have not heard of the smoke being less potent. There are lots of posts on 420 of others whom have reveged a flowering clone and I do not remember any of them complaining about the smoke being less potent.

The single blades will become 3 blade leafs soon enough then 5 ect..

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My clones taken from a plant in flower did the same thing. Once they grew out a little more the leaves began to go back to norm. They just went into 12/12 a week ago and are showing hairs as of the other day so yours is fine.
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