Single toker hash - How to


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I had explained my method in a post before posting here and someone asked for pictures, so I thought I'd make a whole new thread just in case no one knows that they can get some pretty good hash with just left over keif. My method is simple and easy can be modified to a bigger scale but then you would be going into getting hash presses. This method is for those of us that can't afford the fancy equipment and want to enjoy a little bit here and their.

Tools: 1 plastic baggy, 1 pair of scissors, 1 dab tool that doesn't bend easily or a butter knife used for hotknifing (don't want to wreck a good one doing this), and finally 1 Bic lighter

Step 1: cut a square out of the baggy with 3 open sides so you can fold over the keif keep scrap piece of baggy as it's needed for next step. Then scoop or brush keif onto cut out peice and fold over


Step 2: heat up the dab tool using the lighter and using the scrap piece of baggy touch to it till baggy no longer sticks. Once it no longer sticks press down on cut out piece holding keif and work around the keif till it starts to flatten out then flip over and repeat.

Step 3: open up the now flattened keif/hash and fold two - three times how ever thick you want you end product to be and repeat step 2 till desired thickness.

Finito! And there you have it my method to quick hash enjoy :)
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