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Sinista's Haunted House Of Hermaphrodites


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Bwahahahaha..... for those that can remember... my mutant mexicano and my shiva shanti, both hermie's,
started from seed... I decided on lettin' 'em grow so i can obtain some more master genetics to experiment with...







As you can see i managed to LST the hell out of 'em...
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I thought i read somewhere hermies tend to give all femmed seeds ? anyhoo -
if that ain't the case they're moving to the trashbin...


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Seeds produced by herm. plants will show a higher occurance of females than normal seeds. However, the likelyhood of getting another herm. also increases. Breeders specifically steer clear of plants exhibiting herm characteristics, not wanting to pass this trait onto future generations. This is why most serious growers DO NOT use female seed. Female seeds usually cost ALOT more and do not give you the option of having male plants to create seeds or to use for cross breeding.

Before you start more seeds, clean everything throughly. Also, your soil looks pretty muddy. Next time I would ammend it with perlite for added drainage.


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Yeaach yuk.... baad hermi's ya got there.. I'd kill em quick if I were you..

Couple of grows ago I had all 4 plants hermi - not nearly like that but they all had some balls on the bottom branches, so naturally we ended up with some seeds ..

I was curious to see what would come out of them, because I was told the offspring could be normal male normal female or hermi. So I started 6 or 7 of them... when I saw that all of them were going to be female, I killed them on the spot.. The chances of getting 6/6 females from "normal" seeds is pretty slim unless conditions are perfect - and they were not in this situation...

I guess the point to my little ramble is ... Hermi's breed Hermi's... fine if ya want to grow just for hash, where the seeds will get sifted out.. but for budz.. not so good..



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I thought i read somewhere hermies tend to give all femmed seeds ? anyhoo -
if that ain't the case they're moving to the trashbin...

I think you're confusing real hermies with a female that was tricked into producing flowers. Tricking a genetically pure female into producing flowers doesn't really make it a hermie at all. The genes do not change when the female is tricked. When that female is used to pollinate other females, the resulting seeds are feminized but do NOT pass along a non existent hermie gene. The female that pollinated herself should also not be used for obvious reasons. It only has one set of chromosomes because of the single source parentage. The seeds will more than likely grow into strange plants...might be an interesting experiment to see but nothing else. The smoke from this female should be fine, though. It sure won't produce what a seedless female will but it should still be good enough for some middy smoke.
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