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Sir Richard Branson asks Obama if he has any weed on a recent White House visit


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When you go to a White House state dinner and you're lucky enough to get some face time with the president, what do you ask the president?

"I asked him if I could have a spliff," businessman and Virgin Group honcho Richard Branson told a crowd gathered at The Atlantic's Washington offices Thursday, the day after attending the dinner for British Prime Minister David Cameron.

"But they didn't have any," Branson continued, according to a video of the event as he recalled his effort to procure weed the night before at the White House.

More and a video at

Richard Branson: I asked for weed at White House - Patrick Gavin - POLITICO.com


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thats the dumbist thing i've ever heard, well nearly


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It is undignified for a Sir to ask a president something he already knows the answer to.

I like the warrior approach though it does marginalize Sir to the fringe. A better question would have been, 'Mr. President, when are you going to lead the end of the war on drugs."


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For those who actually followed the link and read the article -- Branson made it clear he was joking when he told the people at the pro cannabis event that he asked for "a spliff".


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Kudos, J9BLACK - and if anyone doesn't happen to know what "Breaking the Taboo" is, give yourself a minute. You deserve it. Step into the limelight and make a small difference. I did last year and it truly felt great.
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