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Shoot where do I even start... today was a chaotic day. Decided to pick up a new hobby and drove to some shops and went crazy on getting stuff and now I'm super overwhelmed and anxious. The guys at the store set me up with some stuff and I don't even know how to use it.. He even said transplanting is ok for autos which I am in disbelief, bought 1 gallons pots anyway because he said to and I didn't feel like getting even more nervous and telling him the opposite about what I've read online. Wanted to go with premade organics like dr. earth slow release dry amendments and castings or even a down to earth mix... but looks like I'm using bottled nutes because he said it is a lot easier to do. I'm begging anyone to chime in on this I need help with feeding schedules and what things should be used when... Would also like some recommendations to growing with dry amendments and a whole soil and food regime just in case I might return these nutes if I cant figure this out.

This is all the things i currently have
- 4x8 tent
- ac infinity fan for exhaust
- humidifier and de humid
- oscillating fans
- 5 gallon cloth pots (was planning on just using these from seed to harvest)
- 1 gallon pots
- fox farm big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom
- Clonex (not sure why he put this in my cart maybe for making the plant less stress when transplanting?)
- revive
- mr.mucha-stash Cal mag supp
- root organics 707 soil


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Hey It’sSalty,

Welcome to 420. You’ve landed at the right place. Your list looks pretty good so far, gonna need some beans to sprout and photons.... lots of photons. We have sone great sponsors that can help. Clonex is for taking a cutting and getting it to take root. More troops will arrive soon.....
Yea getting 2 fluence spydr 2i tomorrow. Thanks for taking a look at my post :)
as far as beans, picked up 10 six shooter autos from 420 fast buds and lemon pie autos! also got 2 freebies of sour stomper from mephisto.
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