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Skinny outdoor Sativa - How can I fatten them up?

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These are my girls...a cluster of five little sweethearts all enjoying the sunshine on the side of a hill in equatorial africa...they are pretty - despite the poor quality of the photos - but I think, if you look at the stems and general size and shape of the girls, they look skinny to be in their mid to late veg cycle...and I would do anything to get them to fatten up a bit. they get good sun, nice temperatures, not too many pests that I have seen...i can get my hands on a local fertilizer called NPK which seems to do them good...any other ideas that don't include gardening shops or online ordering? I can get cowdung, goatdung and chicken manure....natural pesticides and there are thousands of acres to gather soild from....but i don't have pH meters or humidity sensors or anything scientific...these girls survived two traumatic transplants due to wild pigs (blue and white species) so i expected them to struggle a bit...now i would just like to help and rehab the poor things...photos are in my member gallery...(i hope)
cut the tops of each plant, just a little bit an tie down the stems so they are sideways to help them soak up more light, go easy on NPK and let me know how you go in a few weeks