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Miracle Grow vs Other

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I germinated a few bag seeds I had saved up. Only got 4 of them to germ but I put 1 in a small pot with miracle grow: moisture control and 3 in jiffy pellets. I have heard good and very bad things about both. The only one that had sprouted was the seed in the MG. It look's healthy other then a little yellow coloring and I think that might be from the MG Nutes. But now that they are under 24hr cfl lighting they are turning greener. I did have one problem with it tho. And I could't find a answer to it anywhere so now is a good time as any to ask. But the tap root goes up, and the back down into the soil. ( this was at first, not anymore ). The only thing I could thing of was root rot but it really doesn't look like it. And it's root is pretty strong and it's growing up now. As for the 3 in jiffy pellets. They seem to be doing good and they're coming up slowly. But I think I should see atleast one of them sprout tomorrow. But I don't know what I should move it into. I don't want to put the other 3 in MG. I guess since that's all I had at the time it is going to be a little experiment for that plant. If anyone has some soil recommendations it would be awesome if you'd let me know. I went to the garden center today and the only thing I saw that I have seen anyone use is Bat Guano. The soil they had didn't even have any info on it. I think it was like rhino top soil or something like that. And the other stuff was MG. And I can't buy anything online so i'm limited to Home Depo, Lowes, Walmart, Etc. I wish I had access to the Fox Farms or anything like that but I don't. Any tips would be amazing. I honestly started this journal to look back on and of course the enjoyment you guys might get to see it grow (if they do) and for the advice. These forums are crawling with info I have been lurking for days but just now decided to sign up. But here is just the questions I have that have been bugging me. What's the chances they could all be male. (that would suck so bad), And the grow box I have is made out of a big plastic bin on it's side. Its about 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. And I want to know if I could grow all 4 of them in it. I want it to be a nice canopy but I don't know what would happen if they all started tangling and what not. Other than that my only last question really is, Should I get reflective material for the box or will it really matter for just a few plants.


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I would say stay away from MG especially at this early stage because of the time release Nutes. Why not turn your container so it's 2ft wide and 3 ft high? That would give each plant 1 square foot and about 3 feet to grow. Reflective material is a yes or at minimum paint the inside white. Plants won't tangle if you are tending to them every day or two. Bag seeds could all be male, good luck finding some lady parts. See my journal, I started 3 with bag seed and am just now waiting for the clones I took to show some lady parts, take clone from each plant and number them so you know which is which, wait for roots (or don't) then flip the clones to 12/12 or 13/11, I did the latter per advice from the fine people on this forum. Good luck with your grow.
Yeah I know, But it was all I had and it seems to actually be doing pretty good. The plant grew a inch over night and is already growing its first set of leaves with no signs of nute burn. And the reason I dont have it 2x3 is bc my gf didnt like that it was so bulky in the bedroom. So I turned it on it's side and put it under a table. But I will just be tying it down like crazy, Will alluminum foil work or should I go for reflective duct tape. And ill deff get some clones. Hopefully ill be able to get some pics up today. About to make a trip to get my nice camera from mom's house. And I wish you luck on your grow ill tune in and see how it's going when I get back.
It's only been a few hours and I checked on my plants after watching a movie and it seems like one of the seeds in the jiffy pellets is starting to poke through. It's incredible how fast these things grow. I love checking on them a few times a day just because you see that it changes everytime. I do have a question though, I want it to be a nice even canopy. And I have watched a lot of video's on topping and fimming. But i'm still kinda confused on what the plant does it's self after you do it. So if anyone knows of any slow mo time lapse video's of fimming or topping that'd be amazing. Or just a detailed description of what the plant does. :thanks:
Sweet man I really appreciate the help! I also just got a pic of that seedling come up. But it's kinda worrying me. It doesn't look like the seed coming up it looks like the stem. Should I be worried or will it make it's way out fine.


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It will be fine most likely but you should probably not try to help it as that could do more harm than good. The others will probably follow soon. Make sure you keep the soil moist and warm.
Day 5
Moved the lighting around and turned the fan on. Also since I water with tap water I decided it would be a good idea to let it sit in the 2 liter for 24 hours. (which I wasn't doing before) but it can only give benefits.
But here we go :high-five:
Plant #1 MG is doing amazing and is growing strong with no signs of deficiency.
Sadly we lost one of the jiffy pellet seedling's. The tap root was just not growing anymore and it wasn't coming up.
As for plant #2 (jiffy pellet), I am a little worried. It sprouted but the seed cap stayed on it. I wouldn't have messed with it but it was holding the plant down so I tried pulling it off. And the seedling came up a little bit. Not all the way but almost. So I pushed it back down a little and pushed gently with soil around it. I hope she'll live but I honestly am not sure if she will as of now.
And for plant #3 (jiffy pellet) it still hasn't sprouted but I uncovered it a little to take a peak and it's deff making it's way up. Slowly but surely. Hopefully she'll be up some time tomorrow.

And sorry for the horrible quality pictures, They were taken with my phone since camera is dead atm.
But any tips on how to keep plant #2 alive would be very much appreciated. :Namaste:
Day 5 Update 2.
Plant #1 (MG) sprout is still growing strong.
Plant #2 (Jiffy Pellet) hasn't grown at all since she was rooted a bit. I don't know if she's just in shock but i'm gonna give her another day or 2.
Plant #3 (Jiffy Pellet) is coming through the soil this morning, But i'm afraid the seed might be stuck to the cotyledons. Hopefully that's not the case but i'm gonna let it go and see how it does and not mess with it. I learned that the hard way by messing with #2's seed cap head.
Day 6
I went out and got some organic top soil and reflective material. Hopefully will be able to transplant the jiffy pellet soon.
Plant #1 (MG) is growing well and is showing signs of new growth.
Plant #2 (Jiffy Pellet) didn't make it.
Plant #3 (Jiffy Pellet) is growing strong and is looking good. I got the seed cap off of it by using my saliva. It left a little membrane which I peeled off and now she's opened up.

Day 16 Update. I didn't know if I was ever gonna update this post. I honestly didn't think anyone cared on here. I sorta started thinking this was a forum for pro growers hence 420Mag. But I decided to stay with this site.

Alrighty lets gets started a lot has happened since my last update. I topped my Plant #1 that's in a MG and Old Castle mix right now. And she is looking marvelous. I don't know what I did to it. But I don't think it's growing normal. When I went to top it I pinched the leaves off trying to pinch the middle stem up only. But it is now growing 8 different leave sets on the bottom. But i'm deff not complaining about that. She is about 4/5 inches tall. I plan to start doing some LST soon maybe loop the plant around the pot? But here she is in all her glory.

I topped her yesterday. F.Y.I.

Also forgot to mention that I just transplanted her into a bigger pot today.

As for plant #2/ I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT. It is growing extremely slow. Pretty yellow. And it looks like it has nute burn. But I didn't add any nutes. I think it might have to do with poor drainage in the pot maybe not. But it is so far behind and small. About 2 inches tall. I am going to transplant it into the pot plant #1 used to be in to see if that'll help. But I need help with her.

Also I added more lights and a exhaust fan as you can see on the left. I don't know where I should put the light I have in the back but any advice would be insanely cool. Thanks all for reading and here's the new setup

:Namaste: :volcano-smiley:
Update Time! Day 19.
Plant #1 is looking beautiful all the new growth is coming in rapidly. Might be able to top in 2/3 days a second time.
As for plant #2 and not getting any help. I decided to move it into a mix of MG and Organic Potting Soil. It's looking a lot better. Still burnt tips, But it's perked up a lot. Hopefully she will kick start into action soon because she is growing a little faster.
Also, When I woke up and looked in my box I was looking at my beautiful plant #1 and noticed a bug on the new growth. Did a little research and found out it was a leaf hopper. ( I don't know what exact kind ) but it was brown. I try'd killing it but it just dodged all the way until it jumped out of my box. Hopefully it won't be a problem but if it can be some advice on keeping them away would be great. Because after reading for a minute it's kind of a 50/50 answer thing. Some say harmless others say monster, Some say they go away, Some say they can lay 100's/1000's of eggs in there 7 week life span.
Anyways. I think I might start to estimate Dry Yield. I am hoping for at least 2 oz's. My gf has been quiet mad that all I ever do is read about my babies (<- Oh she hates that lol ). I would be happy with anything over 2 oz's. A lot of people say that is quiet a bit for CFL but I think I can do it with all the research and training techniques I have learnt. And thanks to all of the people on this forum who/ and are helping me with my grow and giving me tons of amazing advice along the way.

Day 21 or 22 I think!
Update Time.
I was given a book by a buddy of mine and I already read the whole thing but it's pretty good and handy and I highley reccomend it.

Plant #1 is looking amazing so much new growth, Just topped her again twice for a total of four main colas. The only thing wrong with her is deformed new leaves. Same for plant 2.

Plant #2 is doing better new growth is looking good beside some deformities but she's starting to grow.
I will upload some pics of her soon but have fun everyone!



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Now that your pictures are posting, the plants look nice and green. As was suggested earlier, your box would do you better oriented the other way. You should also consider going right to flowering and not try to veg them for long. The plant will at least double in height when they switch to bud mode. From the pics its hard to tell what size pots they are in, but at their age they could very well be root bound. All in all though, looking good. :goodjob:
Thanks for the reply mouser! I didn't understand the gallery at first, Im also trying to get a mod to help with the embedding of the old photo's. But anyway's I don't think they are root bound quite yet the pot is about a a foot tall and a foot wide. If I transplant again would it be ok to use a pot that is just wider by a lot. Or will it need to be deeper. Also I am going to be getting a timer very soon (tuesday) and I will be switching to 12/12.

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