Skunk #1 - 90 Watt LED Grow

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hello everyone

- seed: skunk #1 feminized (35% Sativa / 65% Indica) sensiseeds, 45-50 days flower
- 90 watt led (metered 60 watts, 45x2W leds, red-blue-orange = 35-5-5, red = 630nm | blue = 460nm | orange = 610 nm) ... 10-20cm lightdistance moving with the plant... i removed the glass from the LED light, because its a bit more brighter without it and installed a noctua 600 rpm fan, also opened the sides of the LED light for a better cooling
- homebox 160x80x80
- 1 prefertilizated jiffy
- soil: biobizz light mix
- fertilizers: biobizz bio-grow (npk 4-3-6), biobizz bio-bloom (npk 2-7-4)
- gronest 11L textil pot
- electronic post packet scale
- airflow through/out of the box with pc fans
- ppm meter
- hygrometer
- thermometer

day 1
... filled a small cup with tap water (ppm 183)
... dropped the seed into the cup
... the seed swims on the water
... placed the cup into the dark
... placed the electronic post packet scale in the box middle
... placed a saucer on the scale middle
... cutted out some holes at the bottom textil pot for a better water intake from the saucer, because only saucerwatering
... filled the 11l textil pot with biobizz light mix soil while knocking the pot on the ground to make the soil denser
... powered on the scale and waited until the scale tared to 0
... the scale will be always on
... placed the pot on the saucer, the pot feels heavy, there must be still alot water saved in the soil
... pot weight: 5,06 kg
... activated the pc fan for airflow through/out of the box 24/7
... after 5 hours i pressed the seed under water
... the seed sunk to the ground of the cup

day 2
... after 24 hours the seed has build a small root
... soaked up a prefertilized jiffy with tapwater (ppm 183) and inserted the jiffy without the net into the mid of the pot
... inserted the seed with root pointing down into a small 1cm deep jiffy hole
... jiffy hole slightly closed
... pot weight: 5,12 kg

day 3
... pot weight: 4,93 kg

day 4
... pot weight: 4,83 kg

day 5
... pot weight: 4,74 kg
... she is over the ground
... activated the light 18/6

day 6
... pot weight: 4,56 kg

day 7
... pot weight: 4,45 kg

day 8
... pot weight: 4,36 kg

day 9
... pot weight: 4,25 kg

day 10
... pot weight: 4,17 kg

day 11
... pot weight: 4,10 kg

day 12
... pot weight: 4,05 kg

day 13
... pot weight: 3,94 kg

day 14
... pot weight: 3,83 kg

day 15
... pot weight: 3,79 kg
Looks good so far alot better write up and start then mine i had that strain before running but mine didnt make it do to a bug infestation along time ago and i tossed it but i wish you best of luck and will be watching


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Interesting seeing how fast the water in your pot was evaporating, almost 90 ml a day! I am currently raising some original Skunk from crop king, and they look a bit different than your variety, check my journal if your interested. Good luck!!
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How far away is your light from the seedling?
the light will be 10 - 20 cm far away from the plant until end

Interesting seeing how fast the water in your pot was evaporating, almost 90 ml a day!
i should write that the electronic scale does not show sometimes the exact weight. example: if the real weight of the pot is 3,50kg, the display of the scale will show a weight between 3,40kg and 3,60kg or sometimes exactly 3,50kg

good luck everyone