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Skunk#1xBigbud(frankenstein), KC Haze Special - 2nd grow


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heres the babies.
i might have jumped the gun a little in starting them.. my 1st experimental grow is still on day 39 and these replacements are starting to accelerate in gaining height! =/

here they are an assortment of Frankenstein, Haze Special, clones of an unknown medical clone which is really good, and a bagseed which is virtually indestructable.
i only kept it due to its supernatural survival abilities made me rather fond of it

ill have to pick the 6 best females i guess when they are bigger. allowed 6 mature plants and 12 immature. that wording seems wierd... immature can be any plant which isnt ready to be havested in my book.

anyways when they are ready to go into 5 gallon buckets in about 2 weeks, ill probally use Foxfarm and Botanicare nutes. unless im still to broke for foxfarm in which case ill be using crappy Unigrow Fungas Nat soil. (with ample amounts of gnatrol and nematodes)
i have a 250w and a 400w and in a 5x5 tent. a bit weak sorry its all i can get my hands on. i may scrog one side of the tent and not the other.

im also planning on doing one of the medical clone in a 5 gallon bubbler using sensi nutes. the clones are still cloning u can barely see one in the plastic cloning device.
i suck at pictures and writing and stuff sorry lol


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heres a couple from my first trial run. its an unknown med clone and a bagseed. i wish i had asked what kind of clone it was at the store....i forgot after examining all that stuff.


theres a 3rd plant im not even going to show its had a hard time LOL looks pretty scroungy :laugh2:
this next time ill be nicer to the plants i promise :D

i totally cant wait to harvest these though!! 20 more days or so needed i have a 100x magnifier and it looks yummy so far yaaaaay :cool027:
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That second plant shot dont look so bad to me! meh what do i know?


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thanks! had some PH problems and they sat in very acidic soil for a long time waiting for me to figure it out :D
and then the weather got nice and i instantly got some heat buildup problems which i just was able to fix a few days ago whew. they seem to be feeling a lot better now.
ooh and plus gnats were eating them up for awhile i eliminated those little %$(*#_)$% with strips, nematodes, gnatrol and organic bug spray. i hate gnats.


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hmm it looks like only 2 hazes will have sprouted, and one is sorta trapped down in the rockwool it made a funny loop or something i guess, meh. i think the leaves are still getting light enough itll have to grow itself out...
well i put two more seeds into blocks anyways just in case.

i also just heard that our local apothacary has some fresh clonies on the shelf :D i think i might have to mosey on over there during lunch tomorrow.

my old flowering plants have just begun thier 7th week.
im thinking i should start ust giving them water only for flushing purposes...
and maybe still use some Sweet and of course a bit of my most favorite substance of all time Gnatrol!!!!

btw its getting pretty hard to find a gnat anymore.


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fresh from the co-op, Purple Kush :headbang:


glad to get that one,
since i missed out on the sour kush a few days ago.. i couldnt get there in time before they sold out =/

i also ordered some of these from dope-seeds i hope it goes ok. *crosses fingers* i love orange stuff, i couldnt help it.

Dutchmen's Royal Orange
A real royal treat. Developed in California and Holland this is a F-1 hybrid. Perfect for a lazy daze in the sun. This regal variety has a very sweet smell and hashish taste. The high is a strong buzz but still manages to retain clear. A short and wide plant with tight rocky nuggets, which, despite their density, have terrific mould resistance.

Strain: Mostly Indica
Parentage: Skunk No.1 (male) & Californian Orange (female)
Planting: Indoor / Outdoor (warm climates)
Flowering: 63-77 days / end Oct
Yield: High (up to 500g per sq m)
11 Seeds Per Packet

probally wont grow those till next time...
babies are growing to fast.
heres a frankenstein, feeling pretty happy.

and a haze special, starting to have unmutated leaves :laugh2:

whats with this clone and its funny leaves. i gues its still fixing itself..


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welllll i killed off some of those wierd plants. just cant tolerate wierdness in plants!! so the roster has been changed a bit.
im gonna have to finish this harvest up and get my lights going on the next ones.
stuff hangin


ive had about 10 percent of the cut in water for a couple days. ill water cure it so ill have something to smoke on while waiting for the stuff in jars to do its thing. :D

got seeds in the mail yesterday, untampered with. BIG relief.
a day after i ordered them someone called from the bank so make sure i had my card. because of an overseas order. and shes like.. i just wanted to make sure "You Did It." the way she said it sounded really creepy so i was like uuuuuuuuuh yup! and thinking "wtf they have instant smuggling detection?"
owell i have my seeds. i got to find better local sources.
*some* dispensarys do carry seeds. finding one is the hard part and they never ever talk to you on the phone you have to drive to each one and register there and get approved and then finally you can ask them if they have seeds and be told "no"
then drive to the next one probally in another city ;p
so far i found 1. lol
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