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Skunkks First Serious Grow


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Hi everyone.

I`m new to this (and forums in general) forum. I dont want to participate in my country`s forums, that is Finland, because the athmosphere isnt good there. Its all about dissing eatch other, everyone wants to know best etc. But i noticed that in these international sites people honestly try to help and be ..i dont know how to say..when you build stuff and dont tear it down..as you see English is not mo mother tongue but i try hard :) but i understand English very well.

I dont do alcohol or drugs, but ive smoked huge amounts of HASH in the 90`s, now i wanna know what really good bud is like and i dont wanna know any dealers so i make my own. In Finland there isnt very much bud, almost all is hash, sometimes good, mostly mediocre..but people grow more all the time so its gonna be better i think. I just wanna smoke and listen to music or go fishing or watch a movie when high, but i have problems with hyperactivity so i want to try if weed could help with this. The docs dont help here in these cases, they dont know enough. Just prescribes you sedatives or something.

I tried growing two times, but failed to respect good advice and didnt pay attention to watering, ph, light distance etc and i burned and drowned my first two grows. I did get one good joint..but now i do it properly and thats why i need you people!

Anyway, heres how it starts. I try to add photos too.

I ordered three seeds, royal`s sweet skunk. Thats my main grow. Then in my second grow space i try to grow under (i think theyre called CFL:s) two or three plants, but i dont know the strain. Just for fun. Anyway this journal is about the LED and SKUNK. And theres about 9 of those CFL`s. Not very good but a friend once made bud with like four of those.

I try to follow much of this advice that i found. Thats simple and good i think:

A simple guide to growing Autoflowers in soil (stickied post until I figure out the sidebar!) : Autoflowers

Strain: Royal Sweet Cheese feminized autoflower
Light: 120 LED, mostly red and blue
Three pots of 12 litres. In those i put The soil in the photo with the nute values. Its for indoors plants in a wide array, and its ORGANIC. It doesnt have anything fancy like worm castings..but it has chicken poo :) Its the best i found, not huge amounts of nutes, but tell me if thats not good!
Gonna run the LED 18/6 from start to harvest

I have small fan, temp monitor and a CO2 bag (Exhale co2).

I have an badass water spraying can which makes a very fine mist, lige fog almost, no big drops. But i dont know if theres a need to spray at all and if, when? Usually plants like a little spray now and then..maybe pure spring water only?

I`m gonna add like 30% of perlite, but is it wise to add vermiculite too?

At the bottom of the pots i made 5 bigger holes and 8 small ones. On the bottom i put pieces of broken cheramic plates to cover the holes, so the (I DONT KNOW what its in English, those brown light small balls that look like rabbit poo, i bet you know what i mean) dont fall out - to keep a good drainage system at the bottom. I have rinsed the "rabbit poo" with tap water. They cover the plate bits and 1-2 cm on top of that.

Then the Soil-Perlite (vermiculite too?) mixture in, so that it almost fills the whole pot all the way up.

Then i water and prepare the soil like in the grow guide i linked. I dont use tap water at all, because i think my tap water is not good for the plants for some reason so im gonna do probablly the whole grow with SPRING water, yes. Its PH is 7,0. But everything that goes in the pot i adjust to 6,5 with ph Down and if needed, up with baking soda.

I dont have any of those voodoo juice or stuff, but i have Nitrozyme. Would it be good to add some, and if, when??

Herbert.fi - Nitrozyme 100ml

Anyway, when i get the seeds, i plant them straight into the big pots. No pot transferring here. Plastic on, and when the first spiked leaves are out i take the plastic away and put the pots under my CFL`s for the first couple of days or a week or two, because i think my LED is too intensive. Then when they have a couple sets of leafs, i put them under the LED. I try to be very careful with watering this time because over watering killed my last two grows. But the small Royal Haze i had, i smoked it when it was dieing and it kicked my brain into an other galaxy. When i get better im gonna do some haze again.

Thats about it for now. I hope they grow, i really do because i try hard. How does it sound, people? I really, really appreciate ALL help and opinions i can get. Peace!!! And sorry my camera is shit, gotta get a new one just for this grow.

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I dont know what you mean, sorry mate. And Tempo, thanks!! youre the first one! I will try to update al least once a week.

But now. I still wait for the mailman and my skunk seeds, but i played with my secondary grow a bit. I had dozens of seeds which i dont know the strain of, and i put them between a kitchen towel and on a plate, and then poured some water on. You know the "harder" fabric kitchen towels, those which dont suck in water properly, not those soft ones. Anyway, i have never seen seeds pop like this! In 24 hours there was over 10 seeds very ready to go! BUT, i dont have room so i had to throw most of them. The reason why i started to germinate so much seeds was that i thought they were very bad quality - but they werent..its going to be fun to watch them grow and maybe some guru can try to guess the strain? But i did put 6 of them in soil, only three have enough growing space so three of them are going to be just chilling there with the bigger ones. First three sprouted, then today number 4, 5, and six! Now i`m growing! Dont know what but we`ll see.

But my skunk seeds will probablly arrive next week and then the exciting stuff starts. BUT i have a question now. I was prepairing the soil for the skunks, i watered them well and im keeping them in a warm place, but i noticed that the runoff water had a PH of 8! Before i watered i tried to adjust PH to about 6,5 - 7,0 but apparently i screwed up something? Because the soil had a PH of about 6 according to the package.

So today i prepared more water and adjusted the PH to about 6,0 - 6,5. Now it sits and gets rid of chemicals in a bucket, and takes in some oxygen. Oh yeah and i dumped the spring water plan, its going to be so much work and my neighbors would notice me carrying loads of water all the time..maybe i give them some extra love with spraying spring water on them when theyre bigger.

So should i now flush the soil with the ph`d water, or leave it like this? I appreciate all answers. Peace. Skunkk


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