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SkunkPilot's Grow Room Build & First Grow 2013


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Ok, I finally decided to quit procrastinating and start a journal. This will be a walkthrough on building my grow room, as well as my first grow. I know I have made several mistakes but this is how we learn, right?

2- OG Kush Clones in 12 oz cups

Hybrid Indica-dominate

1 week in Veg under 5-100 watt 6500k CFLs


Fox Farms potting soil

12 oz cups to start, 2 ltr bottles then to 2 gal tubs

Indoor light will change through the grow

Temps and RH will change as the build moves forward.

There it is folks. Sit back, smoke, drink, eat and critique till your hearts content. All advice and support will be taken with a smile or a "What the Hell?"


1st grow room

1st Clone OG Kush


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Re: Skunkpilot's growroom build and first grow 2013

Thanks Greensmurf. I have planned for 30+ years to start an indoor grow, but never had the room or the permit. Now I'm ready to start and all the equipment has changed. :11:
I know I will continue to tweek the room for my liking for quite a while, but we'll sure be having fun.

Here are some pics of my filters.


20 x 20 x 1 filter






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Hey that space u have is amazing :) was just checking out your plans to transplant ... My girls are pretty short 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall veged for 4 weeks and I have them currently In 3 gallon pots that I feel is too small but I'm flowering so ill leave them in there but if u growing good size plants consider going bigger than 2 gallons .. I wish I did :(

dutch dragon

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Hiyah skunk pilot,
I Like your build. Boblove is right about the pots. 2 gallon if your doing 12/12 from seed. 4 gallon for 4 weeks veg. Longer veg bigger still. Good luck with your adventure and I hope you don't mind if I tag along for the ride.

Hey you've got OG's to:) Your gonna love the way they grow.


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Sub'd for your greatly anticipated indoor grow skunk!! Glad you got everything squared away, 30 years of planning, oh man :high-five:
I can see you did loads of work on your part.. I bet you are sore brotha, glad you got everything flowering already for some meds :thumb:
Awesome diy filter also!! You crafty slunk you, How are you liking everything so far sir pilot?
Again, killer job on the room, you should be proud :bravo:

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I'm in for the grow:) happy Friedday skunkpilot.
your off to a great start!


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Hey, sorry for the delay on getting back to all of you. Between family medical appointments, having my grandson for a few weeks and this damn oppressive heat!!!!!!!, let's just say I've been busy.

First lets say welcome to the newest voyeurs that have joined this adventure. ( you know I mean this in the nicest sort of way)
dutch dragon, CA215, alex801 and fish cake.

Have a few pics of the ladies.

OG Kush

The first flowers

A few days later

Still more

The first Grow room with CFL's

More to follow. Thanks for looking.


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COKE420, Boblove, alex801, thanks for the reps. Kinda felt like hanging out in the grow room for the last couple days. 82 deg f and 55% humidity beats 108 and 30% humidity. But still had some time to complete a back project. Here is my new stash box.


My kids freezer died last year, and like everything else, it ended up in my shop. I thought about using it a gun locker, but I soon need a stash box. I removed the compressor after a friend vacuumed the Freon and drilled two 3 inch holes. One through the bottom and one in the back.

I then added a PC fan and a 12vdc transformer


After I installed the flexible hoses from the back of the freezer into the grow room, I pushed the freezer against the wall and plugged it in.



It is under test right now. We will let you all know soon. :thanks:
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