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Skycloud by Kandypens - Just Overpriced Junk?


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Hi there,

Does anyone know anything about the Skycloud from Kandypens? I'm wondering if they're just an overpriced piece of junk. Some major issues that stuck out to me were...

a) battery is only 650 mAh
b) it's not 510 eGo/EVOD threaded (standard for mixing and matching batteries and tanks)
c) you can't buy replacement coils, only replacement heads that come with two extra coils and the replacements are incredibly expensive
d) it only comes with one battery and three heads - only two for marijuana, one for dry herb and one for concentrates
e) the initial cost is $120 not including shipping nor several other parts and pieces you'd want to buy.

On the upside, the battery has a lifetime warranty, and the aesthetics are enough to make any girl drool - or guy - anyone who's got a credit card they haven't run up all the way and are overtaken by shiny, neon objects :p

So, at first I was appalled because of the cost, the cheapie battery, plus the way they've rigged it with having to buy replacement parts from them at atrocious prices, but then I realized that considering I only smoke once or twice a month, and just a tiny bit, for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, that this unit actually might be okay for me because I don't think I'd use it often enough to need replacements much of ever. I have an iTaste MPV 2.0 Energy Series (2600mAh battery) for my e-juice, so I'd only really be using it for weed.

But, before I spend money on something pink, shiny and nifty, has anyone tried one of these things yet or does anyone own one? Can someone also please explain to me what the difference is between "Concentrates," "Oil," and a, "Glass Globe," atomizer? Which one would be for wax and what are the others supposed to be for?

Oh yeah... If you've never seen it or heard of it before, have a looksie:Kandypens - Skycloud : The world's first multi-functional vaporizer | Buy Vaporizers Online | Dry Herb Vaporizer pen | Smoke Vaporizer

Opinions much appreciated!
Thanks :)


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P.S. My fiancé says I should just shop at the head shop but I'm not so sure about that - all of us crazy, vapor hobby people get the majority of our stuff at 1/3 or quarter price through third party vendors on eBay, and I just saw a friend get an eGo Twist that was WAY overpriced from a vapor store the other day - I felt too bad to tell him he'd been ripped off though :-/
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