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King Bongmaster

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I get up when i get up
an i spark another L
I live my whole life
just for the smell
once its a roach
I throw it in the pile
grab another philly
lick my lips an I smile
I bust out the bag
start breakin down the Ganz
picken stems an seeds
gettin resin on my hands
I break down the blunt
and roll another perfect 10
I smoke that bitch up
an I do it all again
I smoke em all day
just me an my crew
would'nt have it any other way
thats just the way we do
theres not to many people
gettin high like this
I'm a mutha fuckin
now light up ya lighters
an pack your blunts an bowls
let me spit ya sumthin
with my mutha fuckin flows
Its a true story
an no its not a joke
Its all about me
an all the weed that I smoke
I smoke so much weed
it consumes my life
burnin like a bud
on a hot butterknife
I strap bongs to my face
breathin NUTHIN but smoke
I always want more
so I toke toke toke
I've rolled five thousand blunts
and the numbers on the rise
an if ya cant tell
by the redness of my eyes
I'm a real smoka
call me BongMaster
I take the biggest hits
an leave me rollin in laughter
I take a shotgun to the head
its a shotgun from the philly
I laugh for a minute
cuz I'm feelin real silly
then I plug in the bong
an I flip the switch to Voom
smoke sprays out
an it starts to fill the room
then I climb inside a bag
an I seal it up tight
an I keep on smokin
til my flames wont light
then right before I pass out
from lack of oxygen
I pop out in a cloud
and start breathin it in!
I'm called the bongmaster
cuz bongs are what I do
and I bet a fat ounce
I smoke more than you
I build the dopest bongs
I'm always down to toke
and I'm the one to call
if a bong gets broke
I smoke more everyday
than most people do in a week
when it comes to smokin'
I'm a fuckin' freak
I'll smoke ten blunts before noon
and call it breakfast
because when it comes to smokin'
I'm the fuckin' best
I always pack up my bowl
its a giant liberty bell
everyday of my life
I reek of the smell
I smoke until the other smokers
are puking on the ground
I quit my fuckin' job
to smoke a half a pound
I built the auto rain bubbler
and bongs line the shelf
on the wall of my room
If you try to smoke with me
you'll quit before long
and you cower at the might
I got tha ganja sight
its cause I build the greatest bongs
late into the night
I built the 187 PB Virus
and a quadra-chamber-triple-
that you strap to your face
I got bong parts n' pieces
all over the place
I build the dopest bongs
and I build them so they last
and I can clear ANY bong
in a single puff and a pass
I'm the Bongmaster
and my name says what it means
I'm the master of the bong &
I'm the toker of the greens
I can fix a broken bong
thats my specialty
so if your bong gets broke
just bring that bong to me
I also roll the fattest blunts
but that has nothing to do with my name
its these poems and those bongs
that are my claim to fame
most poems I write
are all about weed in some way
probably because
I smoke weed everyday
I'm high right now
as with almost every time I write
I puff on a blunt and a bong
each and every night
I'm called the Bongmaster
because thats the name I was givin'
because smokins what I do
and thats just how I'm livin'​
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