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Skywalker...Reporting for Duty


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:60: This just in...WHCCH now offers "Skywalker" sativa bud (High end menu) for those who want a real treat with Sativas, "Skywalker" is the one defending this man's brain from bad moods, hard days and all of life's little crap(those Sith Lord's). This is a very popular sativa strain which moves fast...get it under white light and you're
looking at a glistening white crystals...endless...very pungent, so there's no secret as to what you bought! :laugh2: :3: I recommend you defend your mind with "Skywalker".:smoke2:


this isn't the same strain stix, i've smoked this strain with the guy that actually grows it... this is sativa og kush knicknamed skywalker... to date, it's my favorite strain from any club.
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