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Slammy Pajammy's Indoor Organic Supersoil Ladies, 2019! 2nd Ever!

Slammy Pajama

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Today's Update (39F):

Temp: 17-27 degrees Celsius

RH: 30-40%

That white widow is looking fat today! Tried to get my lil phone scope out, and realised it's not in focus till it's literally touching whatever I'm looking at... oh well. Not gunna molest the ladies to get trich pics with this thing xD. Will just have to get myself a loupe or something. Trichs are definitely starting to show on lil phatty though, I was worried top bitch was going to have her completely beat! I might try that stem splitting technique when we are a day or two from harvest, just for the lawlz. But that's some time away yet!

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Slammy Pajama

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Lil baby GSC is looking so good! :yahoo:lights are currently sitting at about 60% intensity, 200mm above her. Definitely bigger each day! Might pot her up tomorrow, she's definitely sending roots throughout her soil! Root pics are a little hard to see, but they're everywhere! :cheer:

Will be adding her little baby sister (WW#2 who justttt barely popped her taproot between the paper towels today) to the veg area probably tomorrow as well, and the second round will officially be underway! Here's to a perpetual harvest, and never having to be without my favorite medicine ever again!! :'D


Slammy Pajama

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Today's Update (40F):

Temp: 16-28 degrees Celsius. It keeps spiking in the morning for a little before we wake up and turn the house's heating off, it heats different rooms really unevenly. Most of the lights-on part of the day is spent around 25 degrees

RH: 32-40%

Whewwww they're starting to fatten up nicely!! That white widow is definitely starting to show her true self, instead of just a mass of pistils :thumb:. Starting to see some of the pistils shriveling back against the buds of both now.

TB was definitely looking dramatic and thirsty, so I squeezed 3 litres water into each. Not really any runoff but they felt nice and heavy after that. I'll do another round of Bio Boost next watering, probably in about another 3 days

I tried to spread them open a little more and use my plant ties that trained their shape to hold them nice and open for the light to penetrate to all the buds. Even a lot of the bottom ones are looking pretty sparkly, and this white widow looks like she'll yield a lot!! I managed to get a much more even canopy out of her, so I'll shoot for balancing my training a little better with the next run so I try to keep most of the colas pretty even as far as height and stem thickness, as the GSC is pretty uneven.

I tried some batches of cloning for a little while and that sort of did some weird things to the shape of them that I wouldn't have otherwise tried for :(. But oh well! Live and learn. I had some friends really keen to get some clones of both earlier on, but I just couldn't for the life of me get my clones to root, and it kept breaking my heart to snip my ladies for nothing haha. Maybe once I have my environment a little more dialed in I'll have another crack at the cloning. It's a useful skill to have, at any rate

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White Widow:

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Slammy Pajama

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They grow up so fast :'). Got her potted up into hopefully the last intermediary pot I'll need before she goes into the big bag after these current ladies get the chop. Sprinkled some of the mycorrhizal inoculant into the hole before I set her into it, so we should be getting a good partnership developing for those roots!

Lights are still a little over 200mm above her, and I cranked them back down to about 30-40% to make the transplant a lil easier on her, and because I'm hoping the lil peat cup next to her will sprout a pretty lil white widow baby in the next few days! She's looking almost like a big girl already :'D

I'm expecting a little slow down over the next few days as she recovers from transplanting, but then I think she will appreciate this new pot! :thumb:


Slammy Pajama

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Today's Update (41F):

Temp: 14-25 degrees Celsius

RH: 37-46%

We finally gave up on the heating and just put up with the overnight cold, and it's making humidity definitely less of a problem. Also eliminates that early morning spike in temp. Probably more responsible to blanket up rather than turn on the heating anyway!

The cab smells SO GOOD every time it opens up :'o. End of week 6 since flip is tomorrow! Almost surreal that it's moving right on along to this point already! They're getting a lil fatter each day :cheer:

Not much else to report, will probably water with bio boost tomorrow or the next day, and by this time next week will be really excited to start scoping trichs and seeing where they are at! I hope that colour keeps right on creeping into the buds on that GSC!

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Slammy Pajama

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Day 14 From Seed:

Damn I thought she'd slow down a little while she gets used to the new pot, but she's still going! Bigger leaves than yesterday! This lady cannot be stopped! I'm hoping she doesn't explode too much and outgrow this pot before I can slap her into a big pot in the cab! Only time will tell! :thumb:

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Slammy Pajama

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Today's Update (43F):

Temp: 14-26 degrees Celsius the last two days

RH: 44-50% the last two days

Now that we aren't running the heating, humidity is way less drastic. Almost need to run the dehumidifier a little now that we're this far into flower! xD haha silly

Watered them each with 3L water mixed with 9 mL Canna Bio Boost. Been adding the boost to the watering roughly once a week, they usually get watered 2-3 times a week.

Flowers are looking nice and fat. Can't wait to see how fat they are by the end! Got a lil 40x loupe coming on Monday, so I'll start looking closely at the trichs early next week, which will be right around week 7! My the time has flown!

Then I've just gotta wait through the dry, and it's sweet sweet dab time :'D. Wonder if it's worth investing in a rosin press yet. Theres so much I need to buy in the next couple weeks and I'm so broke :'(. Lawlz maybe I can pick up some mechanic side jobs to fund my illicit hobbies until the missus finds work

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Slammy Pajama

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GSC#2 was looking a little thirsty, so I managed to get half a litre into that little pot. I'll try and let her really ask for water before giving it to her. Make those roots chase the water!

Baby White Widow #2 has reared her ugly little head! She left her little seed hat behind but those cotyledons are still trapped beneath a membrane. Might try and moisten it up to help her wriggle out if she grows up a little taller and still seems to be having issues with it, but I'll give her a little time yet. What a time to be alive!

Got them both under the Viparspectra, about 220mm above GSC#2, and cranked down to about 30% on all 3 spectrums. That should give her a little time to catch up before I really start cranking up the intensity!





Slammy Pajama

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Looking good I use supersoil too. It’s just too easy. Subbed for nugs :yummy:

I know right?? It feels like cheating! Just water them when they're thirsty... too easy! I'm definitely digging the investment into LED lighting too, the electricity bill hasn't been outrageous at all and it certainly looks like I'm getting some trichs so far! :thumb: definitely will save me a LOT of money growing my own! If I get 4 oz dry off this grow, it will just about recoup all my expenses for both lights, all my dry amendments, and most of the other things I've bought. Then next grow I'll make back all the electricity costs of this grow and next grow, and come out ahead!

Not really sure what to expect from these ladies, but I've been looking around at pics of other grows and they look like maybeee I'll get around 2 oz dry from each? I was hoping for a little closer to 3 or 4, but I didn't train them very evenly and I definitely got a little impatient and flipped to flower before they were as tall as I had the space for, so next time I'll really let them fill out. This new light should definitely help with that :yahoo:

Thanks for stopping by and joining me here! We're hopefully getting close to chop day now! :'D

Slammy Pajama

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Today's Update (44F):

Temp: 14-24 degrees Celsius

RH: 43-51%

Still just admiring and waiting. They certainly do seem to be swelling up a little bit, and engulfing those stems with beautiful flowers :drool:. Will be hard to say how close they are getting until I can really get a scope onto them, but there are still lots of fresh white pistils, so I wouldn't expect them to be that close yet. Some really nice colours starting to creep into the GSC, I wonder what she'll look like by the end!

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Slammy Pajama

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GSC#2 is looking beautiful! And WW#2 looks like she'll be joining her in the cab once these other ladies are gone! Still have the lights cranked down at about 30%, running 24H. Let the perpetual cycle begin!! :yahoo:





Slammy Pajama

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Today's Update (45F):

Temp: 15-23 degrees Celsius

RH: 44-54%

I might start running the dehumidifier a little, just to drop that humidity now that we're almost at the end of week 7, I'd like it to be more around 40% not 55%.

Noticing some little spots on the dying leaves of the GSC that look a little suspiciously like phosphorus def. spots. Not sure if that's just her sucking the old leaves dry, or if she's actually in need, but I might give them a dose of phosphorus-encouraging AACT this weekend, just to be safe.

Still just playing the waiting game D: . Won't be long now! I can't imagine how hard it'll be waiting through the cure if this is how hard the wait is now xD. Haha but I'll hold out! :drool:

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Slammy Pajama

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GSC: Day 15 From Seed
WW: Day 5 From Seed

WW2 seems pretty slow, but I guess she's gotta grow them roots first. Lights still at 30% till she's a lil bigger, then we'll start cranking them up. GSC2 is looking beautiful though!





Slammy Pajama

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Excited for your upcoming harvest, slamjam. Looking terrific!
How are the early testers?
Thanks mate!! I cannot WAIT to see what this will be like after really taking the time to try and grow them right! I've been holding out on taking any early testers, actually! I thought they would still need a reasonable dry to retain any sense of flavour or potency, and even then I'm not sure if they would give me a good idea of what to expect without a bit of a cure?

Do you have any good techniques for getting a reasonably potent and tasty early tester without having to go through a somewhat lengthy dry and cure? I'd love an excuse to take maybe a smaller lower down flower off and try her out!


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Oh yes! I think it’s standard practice- especially on a first run - to ‘accidentally’ knock off a few wee larfy bits from down low. Just to see.
These can be ‘quick’ dried in a day or two sitting on the light hood in your garden or in a paper bag on a sunny windowsill..
It won’t taste as good as a full cure, but a glimpse of things to come can only heighten your anticipation :cool:

Slammy Pajama

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I've been seeing some spots on some of the older GSC leaves that look a lot like phosphorus deficiency, so I'm concerned she's sucking some from the older levees cuz she's in need. Figured it's time to brew up a compost tea to help with the phosphorus microbes!

A generous amount of high phos guano, a lil bit of kelp meal, and some malted barley for the microbe population, ground it all up in the mortar. Got this amendment mix, a generous handful of EWC, and a good tablespoon or more of unsulphured molasses in a couple layered paint strainer bags, and into around 3 gallons of water. We'll let that bubble away with my air stones for the next 24 hours, and then use that in tomorrow's watering!


Slammy Pajama

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Today's Update (46F):

Temp: 14-23 degrees Celsius

RH: 44-53%

Got some spots just on the oldest dying GSC leaves, looks a bit like phos deficiency, although it's really only on the oldest leaves that are getting sucked dry, so prolly not really anything to worry about. Figured it couldn't hurt to hit her with a phos-geared compost tea though, just to be sure. Other than that looking good! Getting more colourful by the day!

The WW also has some very sparse tiny spotting, and a real darkening around the edges of a lot of leaves, including around a lot of the sugar leaves... not sure if it's just a little bit of colour like the GSC, but I wasn't really expecting the WW to be anything but green. And it doesn't look purple like the GSC. Flowers still look good, and she'll be getting the same phos-geared compost tea, but i don't really know what this looks like... just weird. But I'm not too worried if the flowers look this good!

Girl Scout Cookie:


Phos def spots? Is this normal towards the end of her life? Kind of a bad example, but most of the other good ones came off in the last leaf strip

White Widow:


Weird dark edges?

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