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sLiCe's EASY double choco cupcakes!


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Whipped these up today - VERY EASY recipe, with a small amount of weed, and a small batch for those of you not cooking for the whole gang :3:

Here we go
Brownie Mix
Silicone Cupcake Cups (99 cents, Walmart)
Pizza dish or baking sheet
Cannabutter (consult some of the fine threads here to find out how to make this!)
Ingredients from brownie mix (1 egg, your butter, and some water)

1st thing I did ofcourse, was make my cannabutter. The recipe on the box calls for 1/3rd cup of butter - I used slightly more than 1/3rd cup of butter, and 1/8th of some fine nug.

My cannabutter solidifying:

While that's solidifying, you can prepare your batter. I used about half the bag of powered brownie mix, all of the butter that I made, and about 1/3rd cup of water. Whisk that batter until most of the lumps are out. You now have a chocolate pudding like substance; spoon it (or pour carefully) into silicone cups, like so:

Arrange on the cookie sheet however you want

Follow baking directions on the box (bake on 325 for 40-45 mins)

Finished product! Yay!:

These absolutely blew my mind! Have fun!
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